Goldbelly experiences

I am sorry to say I still preferred Popeyes.

Fresh Popeyes in reality will probably beat most any frozen, thawed and reheated, but I already eat Popeyes at least monthly. I can’t eat Popeyes in New Orleans, I’ll take Willie Maes any day of the week. We will see how that translates to Goldbelly….

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Off topic, but I’d say the regret of missing Commander’s is better than the complete let-down of having been. I lived around the corner from it in New Orleans for five years, and went a number of times, for both lunch and dinner. The only time I had anywhere near a reasonable meal was when our table was deemed ‘VIP’. The food was never more than just OK. The service has always been somewhere between sloppy and awful, given the reputation and price.

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I went once, 1992, with wife 8 1/2 m pregnant. Arrived on time, waited standing up since there were no seats in the area by maître d’, and couldn’t understand, 45 minutes past our seating time why we weren’t seated when people with later reservations were. Kept asking. Wife was ready to collapse. Finally noticed something green passing from customer to maître d’ before people were seated. I was not happy. Folded up 2 $1 bills, hoped he’d think it more, and slipped it to him, almost got whiplash when we were quickly seated. Left me with such a bitter taste I’m bitching 30 years later. Will never return. Food nothing special.

I’ve only been once, as well, but really enjoyed it. Seven years ago, give or take. Seated on time for our reservation, without any additional favors needed, food was very good - even geeked out a little with our sommelière when I asked about off-dry chenin and her eyes lit up. She recommended a Chidaine Clos Habert which was excellent - my first wine from him and now a decent-sized holding in our cellar.

That said, I will stay away from their mail-order offerings!

RE Goldbelly

Someone gifted us the BURGER AU POIVRE KIT - 4 PACK From Raoul’s and it was so excellent we ordered again. It’s a splurge but worth it and once you see it, you can recreate at home by yourself - the Au Poivre sauce is decadent and we’ve recreated with high quality ingredients w/o the sauce and it was still excellent.

We’ve since been to Raoul’s in NYC to have it at their restaurant - excellent again. Great, decadent combo of ingredients to be enjoyed once in awhile.

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Willie Mae opened two LA locations. I’m in love.

Excitedly Ordered 4 of the qt. Sampler from Dookey Chase as I’m always craving good Creole/Cajun. Hate to say it but these were the most disappointing dishes I’ve had from Goldbelly. They were all thin, very little developed flavor and really lacking in meat (I had to add chicken and andouille). I’ve had memorable lunches at the restaurant, so it was just a bummer.

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Looks good, I wasn’t familiar with this restaurant so I looked it up. The burger is $30 on the menu so not really a bad deal either.

Ess-A-Bagels on sale. $99 for 36. I try and order when they go on sale. Still the best bagels I’ve had!

I ordered Louie Mueller brisket today for 1/2 off. I can’t buy one locally for that price, but we will see.

Ess-a-bagel has a 1/2 deal Thursday for fans of it.

Best bagels in NYC!

Did you ever end up trying the Willie Mae’s via Goldbelly?

I didn’t because they turned out to not include shipping which just pushed it into too much territory.
I did just get Hattie B’s at 1/2 off sale. Will report back when I try it.

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