Fried Chicken and Champagne

If anybody is looking for chicken I ordered Hattie B’s from Goldbelly. They are having one day sale for 1/2 off.
Took a flyer.


About us:
Bok a Bok chicken is air-dried, hand-dipped and double-fried to order.
This process isn’t fast but it makes for super juicy chicken with an unforgettable crunch.
It’s fresh, never frozen, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken.
It’s hand-made biscuits and sides made from scratch, using fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients that we prepare with care and integrity.
It’s the best fried chicken we’ve ever had. We hope you think so, too.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Dear celiac guests, our kitchens are not free of gluten and because of that we can not make a 100% promise but our kitchens are run with care for the gluten free community. If an item is listed as gluten free we do our best to promise it is. Please see additional notes for how we do what we can to be safe for the gluten free community.
Our OG Chicken, brine and batter is gluten free + dairy free + egg free + soy free + nut free
Our deep fryers use canola oil and are gluten free + nut free
To ensure the gluten free safety of our fryers our kitchen managers regularly test the fryers with a certified testing kit from the maker Nima
Menu items that contain gluten are prepared separately from our gluten free menu items
Our restaurant & menus are free from peanuts + tree nuts and shellfish
Menu items with fish listed as a allergen contain anchovy
We are often asked why we don’t have a gluten free bread option. The reason behind this is because we are unable to offer a separate gf dedicated flattop due to limited kitchen and counter space.

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Champagne does go with everything, no doubt. We did crab cakes last night with a bottle of Vilmart -

BUT - give me a nice, creamy, Hazy IPA with Fried Chicken any day of the week -

You can have all of mine.



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We are fortunate to live a mile from Farmshop Santa Monica, which is owned by Jeffrey Cerciello, former culinary director of Thomas Keller’s casual dining division, worked for Keller for well over a decade, and helped develop Ad Hoc fried chicken. Farmshop serves fried chicken on Sunday nights only. Went again last night. So good!

As good as fried chicken paired up with Champagne can be, I would contend that a really well made grilled cheese with top notch ingredients and Champagne is better!

I’ve always wanted to open a grilled cheese and Champagne spot. My biggest problem being that I could never come up with a good enough name. Or money, or good business sense (although some would say not opening it would be good business sense!).

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I swung by Bonchon on Friday, got drumsticks with Korean bbq and paired it with a J. Lassalle Reserve des Grandes Annees Rose. I must agree, the combo was culinary magic.


Baked Potatoes might go better , you can have range of toppings of course, caviar, crab, mushroom etc.

Nice brisket.

We’ve never actually been a fan of Keller’s fried chicken, it’s a bit too bready for me, and that’s with us being huge Keller fans.

Well, yeah, but sushi and champagne works in part because of fatty fish and salty umami from soy, so Bonchon with a soy garlic glaze still works pretty well. And I know this because, oh, I’ve had it half a dozen times in the past couple of years because there is a Bonchon in between my house and my parents’ house and we all like fried chicken and all like champagne.

A couple of years ago, I celebrated Popeyes coming to a mall near me, arriving with a bottle of Taittinger 2005. I waited until the spicy pieces had just come out of the frier (12 minutes of agony) added some red beans and rice to my three thighs, thought about a biscuit, but decided it might take away from my appetite, and went to the sitting area to enjoy my lunch.

The pop of the Champagne cork brought a member of staff running over, so I gave him a glass, well paper cup, and started my meal. In a way, it was perfect, the crunch of chicken, the hot spicy oil running down my chin, the sip of Champagne. As memorable as any meal I have ever had. Perfection is tough, and in this case, the red beans and rice though decent were a bit of a let down. Not enough to kill memories of that meal, and it would still a candidate for my last supper.


Nothing makes me drool more than when they tell me the chicken is going to be 10 more minutes at Popeyes.

My one and only Popeyes experience came as my daughter and I stopped for dinner at an I-40 travel center outside of Nashville TN. That shit was nothing short of pure nasty. Greasy batter making up about 80% of the “chicken” piece(s). Fortunately the evening hotel stop was just minutes away . . . . :scream: :rofl:

In the greater Vancouver area there is every type of Fried Chicken available. Even in the suburbs. Most of it is very good.

Chinese Canadians reinvigorated places like Church’s, KFC, and Lee’s and a bunch of new chains like High 5.

Korean Chicken is available within a mile of every resident of the Greater Vancouver area from local chains like Chicko Chicken to Korean based chains like bbQ Chicken.

Fhillipino Chicken is represented by Jollybee and Pelicana who have multiple stores.

There is a Hot Chicken place called Down Low that has lineups from opening to closing. There is also a successful Gluten Free joint called Juke that does very well.

We drink a fair bit of Champagne but never with fried Chicken. I will try to fix that this weekend.


I think Popeyes and bojangles have the best fried chicken, it’s better than any I’ve had at high end restaurants.

Well let’s start with this initial lapse in judgement…

  1. travel center and 2) just minutes outside of Nashville. Couldn’t be any good chicken there! And that’s the last location a Popeyes chicken artist would be residing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We have a spot locally called Unconventional Diner. Not haute cuisine by any stretch but “nice” place. Fried chicken is fabulous.

BTW, to me fried chicken is southern fried chicken. The Korean dish and the Buffalo dish and the rest of them are chickens that are fried. Not at all the same thing. Certainly can be good, but not the same thing at all.


A Charleston friend sat with Martha Lou Gadsden; she taught him her secrets before she passed away. We’ve done his (her) chicken with Champagne at the Charleston Offline, as well as other times with local winos.