Fried Chicken and Champagne

Assuming you mean Toronto Ontario…:rofl:

Two that I know personally are Olde Yorke in Leaside, and Duckworths (some years ago though) on the Danforth. Both highly recommended.

Pretty sure there are more, others can chip in…

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I actually used to be here a lot back in the early days of WB. But it has been a while.


Sea Witch on St. Clair is pretty good, as good as you’re going to get this far from the ocean.

I’ve eaten a lot of fish and chips on both sides of the pond and nothing beats Newfoundland fish and chips. Ches’s fish and chips deluxe (that’s with peas, gravy and dressing, aka turkey stuffing with loads of summer savory) when they have fresh caught cod could happily be my last meal.

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Oh yes any comments for Toronto are relative as it were given location.

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Tastes so good in the heat of the moment, not so sure about the afterglow though.

Now I want to get some Bonchon Korean fried chicken (one recently opened near us) to have with a bubbly.

Any consensus on the best cepage with fried chicken? Blanc de Blancs?

I’m a big fan of Rose myself. Ultramarine Rose and fried chicken or popcorn is my happy meal.


It was very disappointing to read. Def loving champagne, fried chicken, gym shorts, ratty white tee, just me and the missus, watching some brit cop show on Acorn hoping neighbors don’t text and invite us over or come over. Very many moments where champagne is best in the least festive, absolutely chillest moments.

Get the soy garlic. It’s the best by far. Bottle of cold Charles Heidsieck will do the trick. Nice combo.

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Anyone make it thru Seattle, there is a great fried chicken place called Bok a Bok. The sesame soy garlic sandwich is unreal as are most of sides.

Fried chicken is the most universal food, by far. It plays well everywhere in the world.

Whatever you think of KFC, its success globally does point to that conclusion.

“The major markets for KFC include China (7,166 stores), the United States (3,943 stores), Japan (1,140 stores), South Africa (960 stores), the United Kingdom (928 stores), Thailand (853 stores), Malaysia (770 stores), Indonesia (742 stores), Australia (699 stores), and Canada (601 stores).”

One of the best fried chickens in chicago is from the grocery store, Jewel Osco.

Bring that and a magnum of Champagne to “Ravinia” a few times every summer.

When I mentioned Fried Chicken with Champagne to someone recently, was asked if I had read Dave Grohl’s book. Safe to say he was not the first to make the pairing


And it’s $5.99 a bird on Mondays!

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KFC in the Gulf (Qatar, UAE, etc) is phenomenal. I don’t know what they do differently but wow good. A bit harder to get champagne though…

Bok a Bok is terrific but not only that my wife has celiac disease and it’s gluten free and it’s not easy to find GF fried chicken.

Right! It’s such a stupidly good deal that I am unable to pass up when I inevitably go to the store hungry at 6:30 on Monday trying to decide what I want to make for dinner.

The idea of fried chicken and Champagne working so well together rests in the interplay of the fatty fried outside with the brightness of expression and acidity of the wine. Tossing the chicken in these sorts of sauces really gives the chicken an entirely different character. It won’t be the same effect in terms of pairing.

In terms of just eating yummy stuff with tasty wine, yeah, sure.

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My wife and oldest are gluten free so this was a godsend when they opened in West Seattle when we lived there.

Rice flour for the coating?