Fried Chicken and Champagne

Eric writing on the classic (free link). Has anyone gone to Coqodac?


already posted in the NYC restaurant thread…with discussion of Coqodac

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This piece in particular seems like heresy to me:

I believe in matching wine to the occasion. If I were sitting at home with a bucket of fried chicken in front of the TV, I might not open a bottle of Champagne or any other expensive wine. I might have a few glasses of good cava, or maybe some riesling or Beaujolais because, after all, any good, fresh wine will go well with fried chicken. I might save the Champagne for a more festive gathering with friends.

I think anyone here who said champagne should be saved for “more festive gatherings” might get shot.


Well tonight was festive enough for Champagne, Savart L’Ouverture.

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(Too many) years ago when I was young someone more experienced than I told me me that people get Champagne all wrong. It’s a waste to pour at festive occasions - no one is paying attention. Keep it for a great apéritif or for good food but also - as it’s a great tonic - always have a bottle ready for after work when it’s been a bad day at work. I think he would have approved of the fried chicken pairing. Mind you he was in the trade !

PS please say it was not KFC!


Champagne and Popeye’s is elite


KFC is passable in a pinch (or for the sides); Popeye’s is the play.

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The best fried chicken is much better than Popeye’s but for ominpresent fast food the latter is damn good.


Agree it’s a great match but given a choice of something fried I’d pick good fish and chips over fried chicken.


Not in the USA, finding a good fish & chips shop is near impossible. Anything in Toronto?

LOL that might be a little overstated. We had a fantastic chipper here called Eamonn’s, but they closed it and the owner (an Irish immigrant) opened up a full service restaurant. Haven’t been but I suspect the F&C is top drawer.

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There are some pretty good fish fries out there, if not traditional fish and chips shops.

Name names in Pittsburgh.

I haven’t made it out there yet but supposedly the best is the Serb church in McKeesport. We went to a few spots in oakmont which were good, hoffstotts is a pretty good carry out option. I haven’t been there for dine-in since ownership changed but it was a pretty good place for BYO in the past. It’s owned by the same guy as the lot which charges $20 so I assume it’s similar.

I should get over to Piper’s Pub on the South side, I’m sure it’s worth a try. It’s too late for this year but next I should make a try for the Lenten fish fry’s. The business journal runs a weekly feature on fish on Friday during Lent.

A Screen Door (Portland) chicken sandwich consumed with Lelarge-Pugeot Blanc de Blancs made me see what I think may have been some kind of god.


Agreed. Here’s to sitting in front of the TV watching Purdue basketball eating fried chicken and sharing a bottle of 2006 Comtes BdB. Tonight was a great night.


I haven’t read everything Eric Asimov has written, so I cannot state with certainty that this :point_up_2:t2:is the stupidest paragraph that he has published, but I can say with certainty that this :point_up_2:t2:is the stupidest paragraph that I’ve read that he has published.

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Good to see you here Michael.

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Not sure about GTA but Montreal had a decent place in case you wander east:

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