Domaine Tempier - NYC

Hi all,

We’ve locked in Nov 1st. 5:15 pm kick-off. Will be at our home. Will dm the address to those confirmed.

I’ve been fascinated by Domaine Tempier’s red wines ever since I made the mistake of walking from the train station to the Domaine (spoiler - it’s far) one summer day years ago. Without invitation (it was my first time in France so I was ignorant), I was received, in a very sweaty state, with such warmth and kindness. The wines were different, still are, and fascinating. To cap it off, at the end, I was given a lift back into town, it was delivery day, with some of the family.

I now have some bottles I believe are approaching prime and I’d like to share them with the same hospitality and warmth as I first discovered them.

From my cellar, I’ll start the list with: 1990 La Tourtine, 1995 Cabassaou, 1998 La Migoua
@phil.lukeman : 2007 Chateau Pradeaux - Bandol X 10 Ans d’Elevage + Interesting mystery
@Sam_Kwak : 2004 La Tourtine, 1988 Pradeaux
@david_s: 2012 Rouge + Sparkling
@PeterB: bandol rose (probably Pradeaux) and 2019 Tempier Bandol La Migoua
@Joseph_Grassa +1: TBD - 2012 La Tourtine 1.5L and 2020 Tempier Rose mag
Joceyln: 2011 Pibarnon and 2021 Tempier blanc or 2018 Tempier Rose
Brad +1: 2000 La Migoua Mag + 2004 La migoua Mag

As most know, these wines really need some age on them to sing. While I’m not opposed to some infanticide (makes for interesting learning), I think it would be best if everyone was bringing at least 1 wine firmly in its drinking window. I’m equally unopposed to other wines in the style (extra interesting), but we should keep it majority Tempier.

Food: Will be cooking. Starting with artichauts a la barigoule or tomates à la Provençale, olive tapenade. main event as some French racks of lamb. Will divide up grocery cost. Please DM if you have dietary restrictions.

Please reply with your name, what bottles you would bring, and as wide a range of date avails as possible :slight_smile:

Looking forward!


Hi Gavin, I would be interested in participating. TBD on the bottle but should be able to source something appropriate. Most evenings in November will work for me other than Tuesdays.


Hi Gavin, I’m a huge Tempier fan. Currently in my cellar I only have the rose (recent vintage), but I’m happy to source something from winebid or good retailer. Would love to be involved. Thank you.

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Awesome. Thanks, Sam. Who likes Tuesdays anyways? :slight_smile:

Perfect. And hey - can’t do this without at least 1 rose!

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@PeterB - What’s your avails Nov 1st-16th? Seems like Sam is pretty flexible.

Nov 1, 6, 8, 9, 15, 16
Thursdays would be preferred, but any of those dates I can make work.

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OK. I can be a 5th wheel here. I have no Tempier, would love to try some serious aged examples

I can get either the regular-but-suitably-aged 2000 Domaine Tempier Bandol

…or the crazy-ass 2007 Chateau Pradeaux - Bandol X 10 Ans d’Elevage which would serve as some sort of contrast (or warning?)

Gavin: if these fit such august company, of peter’s list I can do Nov 1, 15. I won’t be offended if either the wine I suggest or the timing doesn’t work.


No wheel like a 5th wheel!

Either bottle seems good to me - or both :wink:

Dates - sounds good. Let’s give another week to see if anyone else wants in and then can lock it down.

Getting excited!

I’d definitely be interested. I could contribute the '05, '13 or '16 classique.

I’m pretty flexible in November. Can’t do the 14th and would prefer not to do the 16th.

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Alright y’all, seems like this will be the bunch.

Assuming everyone is still good with Nov 1st or 15th, I’ll finalize with the boss tonight and post tomorrow.

Given it’s a smaller group, will host at ours, just north of central park. Starting with either artichauts a la barigoule or tomates à la Provençale. Main event as some french racks of lamb.

I can do the 1st. (The 15th I can no longer do)

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Awesome, looking forward to it. I’m planning to bring a 2004 La Tourtine and a 1988 Pradeaux.

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I can do the 1st and 15th and will put both on calendar. It will likely be the 2007 Chateau Pradeaux - Bandol X 10 Ans d’Elevage - I can’t source the other Tempier before then. I’ll just bring something else interesting.

Perfect. Sound good - trust in your good judgement.

@John_Morris - could you do the 1st? If so, we can just nail that down.

If anyone has any dietary restrictions, please pm and will design around.

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I love the 95 Cabassaou. It is still youthful.

Such good news! Had heard the report, but haven’t tried in a while.

Hop on plane to NYC and join, @H_Wallace_Jr :slight_smile: ?

Have had the '95 Tempier Cabassaou a couple of times and both were memorably good. In fact the few single-vineyard mid-90s Tempiers I had had been very good. My only rant would be finding the right (local) restaurant dishes to pair them with. My last was a 1993 Miguoa late last year that I sadly had with pizza.

So excited for this!

Updating with time, attendees, and bottles.

I’d like to kick off at 5pm with the goals of eating around 5:45pm

Given the group size, will do at our home. If the weather is good - the deck. If not, inside. Will pm folks the address.

Do you have room for 2 more? My wife and I are interested. We would have to pick up the wine though as we do not have anything in our cellar. Sadly that means they would be a bit young.

I am eyeing these 2 below that I think I can pick up.

2012 La Tourtine 1.5L
2020 Cabassaou