Commemorating Meals and Wines in 2022

Hi everyone,

Last year, I started what I hoped would become a tradition of commemorating special meals/wines in watercolor paintings (my pandemic hobby). I described the idea further in my post from last year: Commemorating Meals and Wines in 2021. It looks like the photos from that original post have gotten distorted unfortunately.

Here are some of the pages from my 2022 edition. I haven’t bound it into a book yet, so these are just loose pages. I think they photograph better before being put into a book anyway.

Thanks to everyone here for all the knowledge and inspiration! Looking forward to spending 2023 with you all!


I’m blown away! These are really lovely.

Wow! I was looking out for the ‘01 Haut Brion. These are quite lovely and it looks like you had many memorable events in 2022.

Super cool! Nice work.

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Really fantastic stuff. I love it, and a lot of these paintings are so lovely. The idea and execution are great. Cheers!

Ha! Between the Haut Brion and Le Pergole Torte (not to mention the Laherte Freres) 12/24 and 12/25 were the most baller back-to-back wine days I’ve had.


Wow, so much talent! Nice work!

Wow, this is amazing! Thank you for sharing.

Nicely done, Noah. I usually find myself bored with yet another long-winded menu when I load similar topics. Your artistic skills make me jealous.

Brilliant! :clap: :clap:

That pig is awesome!

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Simply wonderful.

Noah I am blown away by the artistry and the creativity. And these are so intimate, so personal. Thank you so much for sharing. I have to admit if I have any envy in me at all, and I really have almost none, it is exactly this: freehand artistry. The percentage of our society that has true, artistic talent like that this is exceedingly low. I went to a fine architectural college, and while I thought I was talented, I did not have this type of freehand artistic ability. I think in my class of 120 people, maybe five had this type of talent. The ability to just create art from scratch, free style. I absolutely love it. Please keep sharing.

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Love the pig!!

I couldn’t love this more.

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This is really amazing. I love it.

Thanks! It’s supposed to be a truffle pig (since it’s with the Truffle dinner menu).

The chickens and cardinal (?) are great too!

Thanks! I like the chickens too. And I thought the cardinal came out very nicely, though I got a bit overly enthusiastic with the splatters at the end there. The accompanying menu looks like it’s covered in blood spatters! Is this a menu page or evidence from a murder scene?