Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

i have stewardship and im not eligible. Maybe its first time purchase with new stewardship account. Not sure

It won’t work because we are scum and they know it. We don’t deserve it.


Very odd. SPROUT shows eligible for me. I have stewardship and most definitely not my first purchase.

Vivino has some good deals today. Plus you can have free shipping with Vivino plus

<<All-Day Happy Hour: Save Up to 75% Off - Hurry, Ends Midnight PT!>>

I keep realizing that chasing best online deals saves me few dollars but takes huge mount of valuable time from my life. I have to stop.


I’m trying to clear out pre-arrival items from a few retailers who have taken up more of my time than is worth it for the same reason. I shouldn’t need to spend health insurance billing question time on seasonal shipping or other issues since the business processes and technology are so bad :grimacing: :melting_face:. Not worth it for a 5% better price.

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Exactly. Not going to be able to buy house in Tuscany with these savings.

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Ha indeed…that said, I enjoy the “hunt” as well, part of the fun of collecting and consuming wine to me. But it is def easy to get carried away :laughing:


Understood. If you are enjoying the process then it makes sense.

And ironically i just got email offering me sprout code lol. So now I’m deemed worthy

Does anyone have a new code for $50 off $200 or $250 to WDC

The Spies have Ty Caton TyTanium for $38 today,
and I was introduced to a $50 off $150 Coupon there.
Nice combo. Coupon Code is 50BACK, and is 1 time use per customer,
and is good all month.


Have you ordered from Wine Spies before? Recommend?

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I have, no issues

I’ve never had any issues with them, buy with confidence

They have “Lockers”. You can buy a bottle or 2 at a time, and
when your locker accumulates 12 bottles, they ship for free.
I’ve bought there many times with no problems.

VINO30 is good for $30 off $150 at WDC.
Exp: 4/30/24


I know WDC can be fickle and inventory seems to come in waves but it’s been pretty sparse the last several months.

Less than 300 selections of Bordeaux in the CA warehouse, this seems awfully thin. Pricing has gotten really crappy too, used to buy mags of Roederer 242 for $129 pre coupon but it’s now $159.97, value prop gone and can’t use a coupon.

I’m up for renewal in June, if this trend continues, I’m out for the time being.

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Am having the same experience, I maintained my membership mostly for the pricing on Bordeaux, which became competitive with coupons and cash back, but between the very lackluster inventory and decision to make most desirable Bordeaux ineligible for coupons, I am no longer buying much at all from their site, certainly not enough that would justify paying for a membership.

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I just got an email for 50% off Stewardship membership. The problem is I still can’t find anything I want to buy. Feel like there should still be a ton of Bordeaux in the pipeline so I’m not sure why nothing has been added in months.