Best deal/coupon for on-line wine shopping

ENJOY50 $50 off $300
50ROKTWINE $50 off $200
SHP50 $50 off $250
SCH50 $50 off $250
NFSM22M $20 off $50

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Please share the deals you found. champagne.gif


Are the $100 off $300 for expired?

Yes all 4 $100 off $300 coupons are expired early this month.

If you shop at you might be able to get additional savings from using a portal and/or various credit card offers, which can stack on top of all of those. Amex Offers/Chase Offers/BoA offers would be examples.

I don’t really understand the biz model or am I buying much, so I pass on them as it is.

Very useful thread…

Seems like the best deals are on bdx, champagne, and the occasional burg.

This is “helpful”! In other words, you are all a bunch of enablers and I am easily led into temptation. That said, I think those big deals can be exceptional, especially if you focus on wines that are offered at pre-discount prices that are not much higher than from other online retailers. In some cases the price starts out significantly higher, so the post-discount price is really not that great a deal.
Happy hunting!

I use the $100 off $300 coupons at the end of the year on single or double bottle purchases like Hillside Select or Insignia. The $50 off $150 for the Pontet-Canet seems like a good idea. Their starting prices are usually about 15-20% higher than other online retailers but with the coupons the deals can be pretty good. Additionally, for some reason they don’t charge me state tax, which cuts into that 15-20% by 8% as well.

To maximize savings I typically sort by the Savings to see the bottles that are on sale. Their sale price is usually close to the online best prices on wine searcher. Then of those, I find the wines I want and apply coupons, cashbacks, etc.
With the stewardship free shipping club I basically jump on each of these coupons that give more than 20% since then I don’t pay shipping.

…not necessarily a good thing… pileon

With your method Shay, it must seem like you would be losing money if you did not buy the wine! I sometimes apply very similar logic. And you are right, with the stewardship free shipping, what can stop us! No brakes!!!
neener -Jim

agreed, price at always higher than other site. Pontet-Canet i think selling at a fair price. with the coupon/raise gift card, shopping portal. you can easy get 40-45% off.

Thanks Jin, good looking out,

My fav deals have been krug 375; they are <70/pop all in.

Today rakuten offers 10% cash back, rakuten can turn into amex points.

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I found another $25 off $200 coupon, which isn’t that great but its something when combined with raise (6%) and ebates (10%) today.

Any other coupons floating?

$50 OFF $200 FREESHIP2020

Any new coupons?

FLASH25 gives $25 off of $200 and retailmenot has 15% cashback (and raise has 6%). Not that awesome on the coupon front.

If there are some .97 items on they are usually priced really well but coupons don’t work. cashback is offering 20% cashback. Also, you can use for 6% back and buy a gift card (you should use 1% ebates for purchase).

So for a 99.97 bottle you can pay $73.

Just got a couple of 2010 Follin Arbelet Corton Bressandes grand crus for $95 each.

They also have a nice 2014 Hudelot-Noellat Vougeot I was eyeing.

I just tried to use retailmenot but I don’t have any confirmation etc other than from

Should I receive a confirmation from both?


Ps - Got 2x Vigna Parafada Barolo 2015 and 1x Brancaia Ilatraia 2015, pretty psyched