2021 Greer Offer

Getting close to Tin Man pricing at $250. I know everyone likes to compare Greer to Scarecrow. I’ve had many Greer, and a couple Tin Man and Scarecrow but never side by side. For me Greer falls somewhere between Tin Man and Scarecrow. Anyone else have thoughts on that?

First time getting Greer allocation here. Does anyone have experience visiting/tasting with Rob? Might pull the trigger if I can visit.

Slee - Yeah, it would be great to taste first but I think that will be difficult to do based on other threads I’ve read. Just by seeing Aaron Pott’s comments in the notice of release above, and also from other collectible napa cab offers I’ve been buying - the 21 is likely going to rank top 3 in all Greer releases, if not the best. I’d “shoot first-aim later” since future allocations are not predictable. It will sell out. Just like Pott’s own cabs did. Quantity down, quality up for Napa Valley in 21.

$225 price point is steep but it’s competitive. There is still a lot of money chasing higher end limited production wine. I’ve had multiple SC Tin Man and Greer wines and rank Greer 1-2 pts higher. But alas, everyone’s taste buds are different. Factoring in the time cellared beforehand, as well as wine prep before serving. I like to lay down most Napa cabs including Greer for 5-7 years except for a few Mike Smith wines. I continue to experiment with earlier tastings because I’m approaching elderhood! I’ve found a super long slo-ox will overcome cellar time but not 100% equivalent.


Wow, this really helps. Thanks a lot!

I would agree with Steve_M that Greer is a tick or two above their more famous (and more expensive) neighbors.

As for a visit, yes they are beginning to accept folks to the estate. I suggest an email to reach out and see where it leads…


I tasted with Greer several weeks ago, and I’m a nobody so its totally do’able and a really cool experience.


$225 doesn’t make me happy, but Greer is more or less my Platonic ideal for a Napa cab. I’ve had wines at twice the price that impressed less than a 2016 Greer did last Christmas; this list is a keeper for me.


All of good words for Greer is another feather in Aaron Pott’s hat.


Went for the '21 magnum offer a few months ago. Budget doesn’t want me to go for the 750s but we’ll see what the heart says

Great feedback overall here! Talked to a friend who has 2019 Tin Man and we’re going to do a side by side of Greer and Tin Man at some point in the future. Like I noted, I’ve had each and Scarecrow on separate occasions. Will be good to drink those two side by side. I think Scarecrow is still a tick up on Greer but at more than twice the cost. This increase this year brings Greer more in line price wise as Tin Man but still a value as historically I’ve considered Greer a couple points better as well. I only made Greer list last year and go the 16-18 Vertical and full boat 19’s. I had sought out '12 and '13 retail and I must say '13 was FANTASTIC. Still have one left of those. Curious to drink the younger ones as my usual palate preference for Napa is 5-10 years from vintage depending on source (Mtn or valley).

Greer was a no brainer below $200. But now it brings more wines into the equation. For not much more you can get Kinsman Eades if you’re on their list (I got all the 19’s). I’m probably in for '21 but am tempted to skip and load up more '19 that can be found for about $200 still.


Had the 2013 Greer next to a 2013 Scarecrow a few weeks ago. Here are my thoughts:


you can buy the 2014 at benchmark for $200. hard to argue with a cheaper bottle with 8 more years on it!

my concern with purchasing second hand, and it may be an irrational one, is that the provenance is harder to guarantee. Especially if a wine has changed hands a couple times, all it takes is one misstep in the storage of the wine to hamper the integrity of the wine.


I buy wine all the time benchmark (if it’s bad they’ll refund you), auctions etc. This is rarely an issue if you take stock of the inspection notes. Bottles that are beat up, etc likely are as you say, not well taken care of. But many are pristine and drink wonderfully. I try to buy direct where possible but many good deals/wines can be found second hand.

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awesome! wonderful to see. I’m positive the oak selection and regime are different on the two. I agree Scarecrow has a more sweet element to it but it carries it effortlessly, not in a fruit bomb way. Greer does carry a bit more spice punch to me versus fruit/cassis like punch. Both are phenomenal wines and I’ll be buying Greer any day as my budget doesn’t afford Scarecrow retail (still waiting for any allocation).

Interesting…Just wanted to check my profile and make sure correct information was in place for upcoming offer. Sitting in the allocation bucket is a vertical (2017,18,19) three pack? Checked my emails (and spam) with no notification… Received notification for Wednesday’s 2021 allocation (which was to be my first) but nothing on this offer.

Got this email an hour ago:

Exclusive Introductory Offering
| — | — |
||This offering of a ‘mini-vertical’ of Greer Wine, comprising one bottle each of our Vintages 2017, 2018, and 2019 is being made only to our patiently waiting, mailing list members. Normally, the offering of Vintage 2021 would be extended to mailing list members after the release to existing customers ends. However, it is possible that there will be very little Vintage 2021 remaining after this upcoming release. This introductory offering of Library wine will ensure that all mailing list members will be able to purchase some wine during the current release of Vintage 2021.

As a thank you for your patience, the mini-vertical will be offered at a price of $615 per vertical, in contrast to the price of $675 that the same vertical will cost after this exclusive introductory offering ends. A purchase of the mini-vertical will also guarantee you of an immediate offer of our Vintage 2021.|

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Two minutes after I posted above…received the Offering.


Got this same email… Really tempted to pull the trigger. I noticed it also gets you “immediate” access to the new vintage offer as well … Not sure I’d be a taker on both offers but certainly intrigued

Also the bottom line for me, very “intrigued”…purchase the 3 pack to $615 then automatic purchase of the 2021 (three pack?) for another $675 ($1300-plus for the six bottles). Easy take for the 2021 allocation only, but not sure if waiting list (me) will get the opportunity?