2013 Greer & Scarecrow

It took a few years for me to figure out that the Greer and Scarecrow vineyards are a stone’s throw away from each other. I had tasted the two wines in different places (never together, and never the same vintage close in time), and thought that I noticed some similarities. The Vinous Rutherford Map really shows how close they are. So, after talking it up with some friends, we finally found time to open both wines from the same vintage.

The short version is that both wines were spectacular, but more different than I expected (likely due to having limited experience with Scarecrow). Both wines had been opened and decanted for a couple hours, and then rebottled and tasted over 3+ hours. Upon first smell/taste, the Scarecrow was smooth, silky, dark, and luxurious, while the Greer was more rustic (one person said slightly green, but that seemed like a stretch). But, second taste - and for me, every taste thereafter - the Scarecrow seemed a bit too sweet, while the Greer was balanced, complex, and ultimately a more interesting and enjoyable wine. This was a similar take from nearly all of the ten people who tasted: 9 of 10 preferred the Greer. But, some of this is nitpicking - both were excellent and I would gladly to it again.


Nice note and thanks for sharing. Heard a lot of great things about Greer but haven’t tried, same for Scarecrow as well. One is a cult wine for $500 and another is on the secondary market for less than half.

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Great note thx