2021 Greer Offer

Anyone seen the offer for the 750s yet? I re-read the 2021 magnum pre-order email of last May and it says 750 offer expcted out the first week of Sept.


I got the same email in May and haven’t received an offer for the 2021s yet. I’m looking forward to this release.

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Didn’t the notice say Sept 2024?

FAQ: Did I miss the 2021 750ml Offering?

No! Vintage 2021 750s will be offered sometime during the first week of September.

Received via email this morning.

2021 750ml General Announcement
I am happy to announce the upcoming offering of Vintage 2021 750ml bottles.

From Aaron Pott, our winemaker:

“Vintage 2021 produced classic Greer at its best. The long growing season allowed us to wait for perfect ripeness and balance, resulting in a complex and fragrant wine. The rich and supple tannins support layers and layers of lush flavors bursting with notes of blackberry, black currant, and black cherry subtly buttressed with hints of dark cocoa, toffee, and cedar. Even in a vintage that leans toward opulence, the lasting impressions of Greer wine are the purity of the fruit and the elegance of the finish.”

This release will start early Wednesday morning (PDT), September 27th, and will remain open until late afternoon on Thursday, October 5th. Please note that the yields in Napa for Vintage 2021 were lower than average, which will result in significantly less wine available for sale this release. Our allocations are sold on a first come, first served basis, so purchasing early in the offering is advised.

We hope to ship this vintage sometime in early November, 2023, as temperatures and weather across the country permit.

Kind Regards,

Rob Greer|


Cant wait for this one- when I visited back in May, Rob mentioned that they think the '21 may be the best vintage yet. That, as we were sitting there tasting the '18 and '19, so thats saying something…


Would love to taste with Rob. When I asked a few years ago he said he didn’t really do tastings.

The 2016s are drinking beautifully now!


I had emailed Rob. Last year they said no offer this year but decided to release 2021 this year instead of next since 2020 was lost (several places in Napa are doing this to make up revenue/cash flow from 2020 loss). Slight delay here this month as they had an issue getting the bottle capsules. regardless, should be great and probably want to give the 2021 an extra rest.

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I’ve yet to pop '16-'19. Still have a '13 left. any word on release price? I think mags went up a bit and a lot of Napa is pricing '21 a good bump higher.

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I don’t have any info from Rob, but I’d expect the '21 to be around $250pb. 185 for the 18, 200 for the 19. A Lot of other similar higher quality napa cabs went up $50 for their 21 vintage if not more. Higher production costs, loss of the 20 vintage, lower yields. These higher prices make me happy to have collected a cellar full of great wines as my new purchases moderate further.

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I really hope it’s not 250. Might have to be out at that price. Hoping it’s still 195 per bottle.


Yeah…I was looking forward to jumping on Greer based on Roy Piper’s recommendation and Aaron Pott being the wine maker, but would have a hard time pulling the trigger at $250. Apparently, based on other threads, I could get mediocre burg at that range :slightly_smiling_face:

Same here…out at $250.

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I had tried several years ago and that was the same response that I got.

Reached out again back in May and as luck would have it, they hired a new sales guy and they have been trying to build out the hospitality part of the winery. The estate is just the vines and an old barn where we tasted. Def no Napa flash, just sitting there drinking wine and chatting about whatever. We loved it. I had heard that Rob was “unique”, and we found him to be quite personable and fun to converse with. We would go back again for sure.

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Please dont quote me, but I think it’ll price in around $225.

Rob says it’s 225

$225 is tough, but I probably am still in at that price.

Might have to pass at 225. Will see how expensive Beta ends up being before i decide.


Rob confirmed $225

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