Zachy's 25% off sale

Anyone find anything good they’ve already snagged and want to share?

I picked up some 09 Drouhin Morgon for $12ish, pretty good deal I thought.

Zachy’s 25% off sale, otherwise known as “our prices are now almost competitive with most other national retailers worth a damn sale”
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Haha - very often the case! But you can stumble across deals now and again.

2007 Kobalt for $82 is one such deal.

I haven’t had the 04, but Vilmart rarely misses and the Grand Cellier at $50ish seems like a no brainer. Someone buy them so I am no longer tempted, thanks.

00 DP for $157.50. back up the truck rolleyes

Forgot my username, my password, played with shipping details and by the time my card was entered and the order sent, one of 2 wines went out of stock, “call customer service” came up on the screen. Easier to forget it. Too much wine in the cellar already and although the prices for some of their AC Burgs were decent, they weren’t screaming. There’ll be more sales.


here is the email offer in PDF. much easier to read than to page through it on the website" onclick=";return false;

apparently just the higher priced stuff

email this morning said all in stock wine

Apropos the parallel thread on PC, the wine business model mystery most interesting to me has been how Zachy’s maintains such a huge operation with such remarkably bad pricing. It’s an interesting phenomenon.

That lists suxs!

Now that said, I buy yearly from Zachys as from time to time they have what I want and actually at good prices. Snagged some great '09 bojos before the hype machine took over. Some Huets on sale, etc.

It’s 25% off everything in stock, not just high end wines.

yes, but the consolidated PDF list only included high end stuff.

no interest in searching via the website as it doesn’t display enough per page

True, the 07 le Monts demi-sec was a flat-out bargain.

very true, mine is being delivered today

Was hoping for similar deals on other huet but the prices with the 25% are just ok

Did anyone notice that there was only one wine priced under $200 on here, and that one was $198?

Well, what do you expect? Naturally the retailer is going to promote the most expensive wines. As noted, the discount applies to all their in-stock inventory.

So glad that my great state of Texas is preventing me from enjoying sales like this.

As noted, it’s all in stock items. They then sent a second email with the pdf featuring some high end wines.
I bought only wines under $30, including more of the Drouhin Morgon mentioned in first post ($12.75) which I was happy with at their previous sale price ($13.99)
2009 Joseph Drouhin Morgon
Really delightful for $14. Floral nose with a little smoky edge, full red cherry and raspberry fruit on palate. Acids and moderate tannins provide structure, this is in the “it could age, but it’s tasty now category.” This could please traditional Cru Beaujolais lovers as well as those that only like 2009s. B++

Lots of Zachys prices are way high. I wouldn’t assume that 25% off was a good deal (especially on some trophy stuff). But a lot of the best deals I’ve gotten in last couple years have been there- $50 for 73/78 Bosconias and Tondonia ($99 for 64 Bosconia), plus lots of decent Chianti Classico for $5 or Barolo for $15 or $20, etc.

I bought the Drouhin elsewhere at similar pricing, but it’s tempting to get more. John Gilman wrote highly of it, too.