Zachy's 25% off sale

Prices were only ok especially once you factor tax & shipping

Jeez…even at 25% off those prices are very high…

They raised some of the Jonata retail pricing to $175.00 to accomodate the 25% discount. [cheers.gif]

I am not in the market, but 1996 Krug Clos d`Ambonnay for 1687$ is astoundingly good value once you accept 2000$ for a bottle of wine is value. Like I said, not my price point.

Picked up a 3 bottles of the Drouhin Morgon. $13 for 09 cru Beaujolais is ludicrous!

bought some Drohuin Cote de Nuits Villages at $16…

I picked up the Mac Forbes RS 31 Riesling in the last sale, current price of $20.24 is even better. Good price on a great, and not widely available, Riesling.

Mark Marcellus