Your favorite Cali Wineries... that are gone now?

So… I was thinking about this today while stuck in LA traffic coming home.

A few weeks ago I was on WineBid and came across a few bottles of Cab Franc that sparked my interest.

It was 2001 Guilliams Cab Franc

Price seemed right…
2001? Good Napa Vintage, right?
Cab Franc? I LOVE ME SOME Cab Franc!
Spring Mountain? OK… Wow, this is getting better.

So, I think "Hey, I’m not familiar with these guys but I think I need to be. This is right in my wheelhouse"

I look them up on Google and on the search function on WB… and Poof, Sold. Gone.

It got me thinking, we know the winery business is a rough one. This board has a ton of knowledge, experience and a great memory.

Plenty of wineries have gone the way of the Dodo… share with us a few wineries where you think, “Damn, I really miss that juice!”

I remember I had a few bottles of Kelham MacLean Cab quite a few years ago and I thought it was great. I know they’re gone. Roessler was bought up by the Halls and re-launched as “Walt”. Plenty others have been sold, whatever.

Discuss… share, etc.

Oakville Terraces. Though it may resurface with new owners.

Garretson was a fave for many . . .


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Paging TomHill. :wink:


I think Guilliams is the first winery for me where I followed them before they sold. Great wines and great people, hope they’re enjoying life!


And I mean the real Havens, not the oak-shake, spoof-fest masquerading as such on WTSO…


More recently, Karl Lawrence.

Of course a lot of greats from the '70’s died and were reincarnated in Fred Franzia’s portfolio, as jug wines trying to live off the old reputations of once-good wineries–Hacienda, Grand Cru, and of course most (in)famously of all, Charles Shaw. In any meaningful sense, those original wineries are long gone.

A couple of older ones that I can remember are Roddis and Fretter, but as noted above, Tom Hill probably followed dozens of them from the very start–and to the very finish.


The Merlot was really good, the Syrah better, and the Bourriquot was just great.

Dave Hauser


Yep, Havens. Did anyone else catch those $15 2001 Bourriquots from Envoyer?

larry schaffer wrote:Garretson was a fave for many . . .


So why did Matt get out of the winery business? He ended up going to back to MN to work for a distributor and that didn’t go so well. Great guy and I believe he is doing something with spirits.

I loaded up on that havens sale maybe 5 years ago? Crazy cheap prices.

The old La Jota Anniversary ,don’t have experience with the new version.

Ritchie Creek-great cabs that could age like Bordeaux.

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Sawyer Cellars. The still sell wine but sold their vineyards to Foley Johnson a few years back. Heart of Rutherford off of 29, I buy them up whenever I find them. Great value.

San Permis. Found a bunch of this at JJ Buckley a year or two ago. Can’t beat a solid $35 wine for $8.


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Laurel Glen and SCMV are not the same and are essentially gone from the wines I loved.

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Second the call for Gemello and Ritchie Creek (Pete Minor’s winery, I believe). Terrific wines that I enjoyed for years.