WTB: Zalto Burgundy Glasses

I’m looking to purchase 2x Zalto Burgundy glasses, and have not been able to find them anywhere. I’m located in New York, and can either pick them up in person or pay to have them shipped. I found a couple of retailers online oversees who show them in stock, but they don’t ship to the US. Everyone else appears to be out of stock, and either doesn’t provide an ETA on when they’re expecting more, or provides an ETA which can be 6+ months out at times.

I know there are a lot of other great alternatives out there, like the Spiegelau Definition Burgundy glasses for example. I’ve used both, and have decided I’d like to get the Zalto. I’ve waited a long time to get these, and it took me a while to rationalize the price, but I’m finally ready to take the plunge.

Is there anyone on here who knows of a retailer who has them in stock currently, or who knows of a retailer that gets deliveries relatively regularly/often?
This can be in the US or abroad, as long as they ship to New York.

Anyone on here have a set that they’re looking to sell?

Thank you in advance!

Yeah apparently all the inventory during the pandemic was bought by a luxury hotel chain in Asia. They literally bought everything Zalto had in stock, so I am guessing they are catching up on production at this point.

I’ll keep an eye out for you :wink:


So I’ve heard :frowning:

Thank you! I realize the chances at this point are slim, but if you should run across something, please let me know. I’d really appreciate it! Thank you!

I have a single remaining Zalto Burg stem I don’t use I can part with if you’d like

Thread drift, but I’m really surprised no matter how vino sophisticated a restaurant is, that they use stems with huge bowls. They make a 5 ounce pour look like 2 ounces.

Not sure if someone posted a pic from the Rousseau dinner this fall; there was 200+ zalto bdx stems on the table with 1-2 oz in each

It was in June champagne.gif

The Zalto bordeaux is a terrible glass for burgundy, almost as bad as the universal. The burgundy glass is good but for most wines I prefer Riedel Vinum.


Haha I meant to say last mo

Didn’t realize the price gouging was this bad.

Give a look at the Glasvin prestige and obsession glasses. They perform very well IMO.

I don’t mind it for burgundy; it’s like a big universal glass. I prefer grassl cru or sensory but the zalto bdx does quite well with aromatics.

Perhaps some used glasses are available since WS Tavern closed at Hudson Yards or perhaps Alex bought them all! [cheers.gif]

Hahaha while the Tavern/Club did close, the ZZ Club, which is taking over the combined space, kept all the glasses so no luck picking up some (I asked).

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Thank you for the offer!

I may take you up on that at some point if I can’t find a set, but I was ideally hoping for a set of 2. Anyone have 2 that they’re willing to part with, or know where I can maybe find some?

Check Slovakia. Definitely don’t bother checking in Austria

Need to check the thread in CC again.

Not exactly but I also have one that I pretty much never use

With rodrigo that makes two

Maybe try checking again. A store near me in New England had a good amount in stock (no longer though), so a shipment may have come in recently.

ZZ’s Club uses Glasvin in Miami. Wonder what they’ll do for the NY location. The only major food group restaurant that uses Zalto at this point is The Grill, and so they might move those glasses over to The Grill

You could buy some here if you’d like https://www.wineware.co.uk/zalto-denk-art-burgundy-wine-glass ends up being about $100/stem with shipping