WTB: Zalto Burgundy Glasses

love my Zalto burgundies … but if buying afresh now I would buy Sensory Conternos instead. They outperform the Zaltos on young and old pinot (and are also better for cabernet than my riedel XLs). Truly a glass for all seasons.

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Looks like Zalto has majorly changed the shape of their Champagne glass as well as discontinued the universal.

What’s the new Champagne glass look like? I have the old ones, I guess, and never use them because they’re so small. The only time it makes sense to use them is just to give a large dinner party a “taste” size pour to split a bottle of Champagne like 10-12 ways (and honestly how practical is it to buy ~12 of them just to keep them for such an occasion?) — or for Sauternes. For my every day drinking, I pretty much always use the Grassl Liberte or Zalto “white” for Champagne now. I seem to prefer angular style glasses for Champagne as opposed to rounded, and those two are on point for that.

So did the pandemic just break their business due to supply chain or staffing issues? What’s going on?

Where did you hear this information? Thanks.

Zalto has not discontinued the Universal glass, and the pandemic did not break their business. It certainly put a hitch in things, as it takes a highly skilled team of glassblowers to make each glass and of course every time one tested postitive, the entire team had to quarantine. Add to that an unexpected need to completely rebuild one of the furnaces, which wasn’t scheduled to need work for another 4 years at least. And now, of course, there are supply chain issues and massive logistical delays. Put all of those things together with the backlog of orders that have stacked up over time, and the need to prioritize previous restaurant and winery partners worldwide, and you are left with a much smaller number of glasses available for consumers.

But the great news is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The glasshutte is back to working at full capacity, and stock has begun flow at a more regular rate to the US. Demand will continue to outstrip supply for a while, but with patience, you will once again hold a “fresh” Zalto in your hand. And I, personally, thank you all for that patience and understanding! Feel free to reach out to me personally with any questions.

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Thank you all for your help. I ended up finding them here:

They did an unbelievable job at packing them up, and they arrived flawlessly in 2 business days, in case anyone is in the market. Their website won’t allow you to “checkout” with a US address, but if you email them, they can ship to the US and will help with the process.

Am glad you got what you wanted. Enjoy.

Hi Emily,
Perhaps you can help address a comment in another thread that the Zalto Bordeaux glass shape as changed? See Post #44 here: Zaltos now made in Slovakia? - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Posting in here publicly since I’m sure the answer could be of use to others!

I’m thinking of selling my Zalto and going to 1 universal glass. Which is the best ?

I love the Jancis glass but it’s not cheap. It’s similar to the original Glasvin but IMO the contours are more elegant. If you don’t have the same reaction then the Glasvin can’t be beat for value. The machine made Gabriel Glas is also a good universal (I wouldn’t buy the handblown again - poor life expectancy).

The Zalto Bordeaux [cheers.gif] neener

for burgundy ?

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don’t mind the expense per se because I’m really looking to reduce my clutter. Now I have 12 each Zalto burg, bordeaux plus champagne. Then the same in Schott Zeizel Bordeaux and burg for everyday drinking.

I’m liking my Josephine Huttes more and more these days

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Honestly, it works well for almost everything. It’s the glass I bring to tastings / wine events.

I prefer the Zalto Bordeaux to the Zalto Burgundy even for Burgundy. The exact same shape/proportions in any other line would probably be called a Burgundy glass anyway.

Ditto here

Zalto Bordeaux here as well, I use for almost everything.