WTB/WTT - 'middle age' Chateauneuf du Pape

I’m looking for some middle aged (1998-2002 ish) CDP, such as Charvin, VT, Pegau, Chapoutier, etc.

PM with offers. I prefer trade, but PM with purchase prices as well.

Get in line brotha! [dance-clap.gif]

Never hurts to ask!

have extras of the following if anyone wants:

2001 Usseglio Mon Aieul x 2

2003 Pegau x 2

Todd, come to Seattle again and drink as much as you want from my cellar. 1998, 1999 and 2000 are all getting really fun now.

Can I just bring a sleeping bag and a glass?

I have plenty of glassware and a couple of spare bedrooms…

Toddy French is now a bit heavier on his 94-95 VT collection…or will be come end of August.



Well, I’m coming up there for sure at least on Seafoodfest, which will be a Berserkerfest as well - if not before…now I have a reason!

Which of the 18 levels of the house has the spare bedrooms?

There is one downstairs and one upstairs. Bunch of family coming into town. What is the schedule again for Saxonfest?

Not planned yet - hopefully it will be in ample time to schedule the trip for those who want to come up there. I should con you or Ed into hosting an event on a different day as well

I am happy to do something schedule depending. The kosher rules on my kitchen make some things more challenging, but I also have a lot of space with the deck etc.

Same here if you are ever in beautiful, exciting Minneapolis.

I live how we have hijacked Todd’s Commerce Corner thread with offers of free booze and housing. Good luck getting us to sell you any wine though. [pillow-fight.gif]

Yeah, no kidding. Free booze and free housing, but no ‘for sale’ wine. What a freakin’ rip.

Hmmm, Saxonfest…I like that. [welldone.gif]

We need to schedule it soon.

'01 Mon Aieul is really nice. Much more to my taste than '03 Pegau.

And, Todd, middle age CdP is 1989-90. neener

Buy some old geezers!



  • Frank [cheers.gif]

I’d be happy to, if offered

i have some 89 and 90 pegau left, but not selling those.

someone out there in the wine internet thinks mon aieul is “modern” style cdp – which i thought was rather hysterical.