WOTN Accolades?

Do you like the idea of voting on a wine of the night when getting together for an offline? Lots of folks seem to be very competetive in this regard as to always wanting to “win.” I find it odd because people are just bringing bottles…it isn’t like they made the stuff and it is in a major tasting for some gold medal.

I sometimes choose a WOTN for me, but don’t really care for voting etc when it comes to wines.

I always bring the WOTN so the voting is really not needed.

i’ll never get folks being defensive or proud about what they bring to an offline.

if the bottle is corked don’t worry - we don’t think you knew it was corked and schlepped it to an offline to dump it. you bring a rock star bottle, and it shines, thanks for the generousity - but as stated above you didn’t make the wine.

Doesn’t matter to me either way. More of a discussion point than anything.

OK, I’ll admit that I brought the Carver-Sutro hoping that you’d replace it with an old Thackrey… [wink.gif] headbang

Given that most of my wino buddies have been collecting longer and have much larger cellars, I’m just happy to be included and try to bring something unusual to the table. OLs are a social event for me and I’ve yet to encounter anyone who sees them as a manhood measuring contest, thankfully.

If the event is set up as a blind contest or some sort of comparison then it can be fun to vote. But often when you are having a good time and enjoying the wines it can be quite distracting to have to stop and think up some arbitrary vote. Unless there is a prize, who would really care if they brought WOTN anyways?

91 Thackrey Sirius was righteous though huh?

I am always curious about the groups opinion. So, I like to see a vote. Otherwise, there are always some people too reticent to give their opinion in public.

I agree with the wonder about people who take credit for bringing the WOTN. Who cares who brought it.

ive never really done a wotn vote. but of course it comes up as conversation. then you get bragging rights. but for me there is usually not one clear winner. generally each wine has its own merit.

This seems to be very highly sought after by some folks.

For sure! I would have been happy to sip just that and the Barolo all night long!

I guess you save your better bottles for when I’m not there


Bragging rights that you bought it? I think a small handful of people are so insecure and competetive that they needs to be satisfied with being the “winner” of the night, even though they had no hand in crafting the wine.

if it’s a blind tasting then yeah WOTN works. Otherwise no real need for it since bias will be set inside.

joke bragging rights. noone that i drink with takes wine that seriously, and most of them are professionals. its just fun to open some bottles and talk about which is best.

The idea of voting for a WOTN can be fun fodder just like talking politics, sex, and religion. However,

  1. Who cares who brought the WOTN
  2. What the WOTN is for one may not be for another
  3. Sometimes it’s just that ONE bottle and another bottle of that same wine may not be as good
  4. Bragging rights…I think not unless they actually made the wine and fat chance on that
  5. There can be a WOTN for the nose, the palate and finish and how often is one wine in a tasting the best in all three areas…not too often.
  6. See #2 again…it all comes down to individual preferences and what might strike you that particular evening.

Good thoughts Anthony.

If it is a blind tasting then I do like a vote for WOTN, it can add discussion to table, especially if the bottle is something that isn’t expected (such as an “poor” label, etc…). Getting everybody out of conversation to focus on the voting process can be annoying.

I’ve been to dinners where the WOTN winner has gotten a free meal/dinner.

Whatever floats your boat…its fine by me…but the wines should be similar…some wines do show better than others, but that doesn’t make them better.

97 Oberto Vigna Rocche was so amazing the next AM. the brett was completely gone and nose was all floral notes, herbs & spice.