Wine pairing with goose: Moose!

Bringing this thread back, as I did pair the goose with an '07 de Vogué Musigny, following Michael’s and Jeremy’s suggestions. The wine was a tad too young to my taste and probably deserved more air, but it was still a pleasure to drink. It was opened at 4 and two glasses poured out, then decanted around 5:00. The rest was consumed between 6 and 8PM. On the nose, it offered strawberry, rose petals and a bit of ham; on the palate it switched back and forth between something like one of the best CA pinots you could imagine (owing to the bold red fruit) and something darker, funkier, more brambly, with some soil notes (or what I sometimes think of as slate). By the very end, it rounded into form–“the best glass is the last” phenomenon, all too familiar with burgundy–and showed brilliant balance and purity. It more or less stood up to the goose, which was quite good.
Below is a picture of the various beverages consumed Christmas Eve/Christmas day including the Moose:
Xmas eve: dinner Rock Hill Farms Bourbon; dessert cookies with 1985 Osborne Port (in an amazing place, perhaps best port I’ve had) and 1986 Laberdolive Armagnac (always a treat; they say Khrushchev on a state visit once detoured to pick some up)
Xmas dinnee: in addition to the Moose, 1995 Ampeau Meursault La Piéce-sous-la-Bois (beautiful white with surprisingly creamy texture, just a touch of hazelnut from the age) and 1979 Chateau La Tour Blanche Sauternes (memorable depth, with lovely caramel flavors entwined with the remnant of apricots and other fruits–long, long finish).

You idea are already great!

I also like new world pinot noir with goose.

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Grand cru red burgundy with some age, something like 99, 01 or 02 lambrays would be good.

Old Auslese


I always enjoy Rose with game birds, Provence, Grenache-based. Yummy.

Accompaniments weigh in here as well.

Given the preparation, Alsace Riesling in a richer style. Zind Humbrecht say if you like roulette. :slight_smile:

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I was recommended new world Pinot Noir for goose as well and bought a Clos des Fous, Pucalan Arenaria, 2017 for Christmas. Hope it works hehe.

Goose is very rich, with plenty of luscious fat. Prunes and apples soaked in armagnac adds a strong sweet element along with the savory. You obviously need plenty of acid and, in my opinion, more than a touch of sweetness. I’m firmly in the Riesling camp, preferably an auslese or spatlese depending on age. Not too young in any case.

If you are hankering for a red, I’m sure several of the above suggestions would work, though Rhones would not be my choice. My best thoughts for a holiday meal, though, are not to worry too much about pairing. Choose a few bottles, open them all, and let people pour what they like.


In England I recall having something like a good quality Alsatian pinot gris or a slightly off-dry riesling. I think a red burgundy with some stuffing could be good too. In retrospect the pinot gris doesn’t seem like as natural a pairing to me, as you want something to fight through the rich goose.

I’m with Sarah and Russell – this prep is calling out for a sweet, acidic white (though you would probably be OK with a high-dosage but dry Champagne). Riesling in spatlese/auslese would work very well, as would a demi-sec chenin blanc or an aged moulleux – 1996 Huet 1er trie wines are showing well now, and would be fantastic with this IMO.

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I’d start with really good grower Champagne…pull the oldest Sonoma or Willamette Pinot I have around (prob 2010 or so)…I’d also enjoy something like the Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia Reserva Rose

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Definitely Burgundy for me, failing that a new world Pinot Noir. I had some great matches with NZ Pinot a few years back.

My favorite pairing possibly ever was crispy duck with 2004 Le Pin.

I think something like 04 comtes would be good with this as well.

Thanks to all, and keep 'em coming please. My instinct is like yours Michael, almost always, to go for some GC Burg, but worry the nuances might be lost here. I’m not that deep in Reisling–though I do have a 2014 Weingut Keller Absterde GG–not Auslese and trocken, I know. Maybe I’ll end up in Champagne, but somehow the Clape keeps talking to me, in part because I have a few and have yet to try one. I do have some of the Rosado, so that could be a way to go after champers.

Had Sandhill Crane with a Domaine Perreol St Joseph this weekend and thought it was an awesome pairing. Not quite a goose but pretty close, although your preparation sounds like more sweetness/fatiness

How many people are attending? Are they wine folk?
If you have a few people, and they are so inclined, might be fun to pick two or three different bottles that you think are all plausible, and then do a little “trial“ of sorts.

It may not be the perfect pairing, but who gives a shit?! As long as it’s an on bottle, you’ll get a killer wine that will make you very happy!

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Unless you have a few bottles, I’d hold off on the '05 Clape. Tried pre-Covid and it was still pretty young and tight. I agree with the others who say that a richer, but acidic white wine might be the best. Riesling sounds about right, or maybe Huet Demi-Sec with 10-15 years on it?

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