Wine list question for the Burgundy gurus

Which of the following should I pick if I can only pick one? Assume prices are similar-ish.

1995 Leroy Beaux Monts
1995 Rouget Cros Parantoux
1995 Leroy Pommard Vignots (this one’s meaningfully cheaper)

Thanks in advance for any insight!


Leroy bm is drinking fantastic right now. Really really well

The Rouget Is an incredible wine that should be drinking well.

Rouget would be my strong off the cuff guess.

Rouget, no doubt. As close as you will come to a H. Jayer label (and the juice is the same if not very very similar, I can’t remember how the bottling went).


I guess it depends on your preference. If you prefer big thick wines go with the Leroy. The Rouget will be more ethereal. By a mile the Rouget is a better value also. A$1k plus bottle.

Easier drinking should be one of the Leroy wines…difficult to select based on price not being shown but I would go with one of the Leroy wines.

My recollection of the Rouget was that it was pretty good, but certainly not great.

It is a rare wine, and worth drinking though almost for that alone if well priced.

Otherwise the Leroy BM.

the Cros 95 is spectacular–had it often, consistent notes.

I find 1995 a tough, tannic and unyielding vintage and would not spend big on it. Probably would select the Pommard Vignot which by comparison to other Pommards is lightweight.

Thanks everyone, this was very helpful. The price for all of these is a screaming deal though still expensive by any normal person’s standards. I gotta take a run at 1 or I won’t respect myself.

Excellent advice Anthony. [cheers.gif]

Absolutely NOBODY should EVER buy any 1995 Burgundy because it’s sooooo harsh. I’ll make it my mission to get rid of all the Bertrand Ambroise Corton le Rognet (might enlist Chris Seibel’s help along with my note he’s P MONTY: and Ponsot Chapelle-Chambertin ( I can if you all promise to ship any you find to me. Hell, I’ll even cover the FedEx or UPS charges plus a 5 spot for your troubles!

You see, I’m a novice with the palate of a yak so none of the rest of you should suffer the horrid vintage that was 1995 in Burgundy.


I´d take the Rouget …

and BTW: 1995 is not generally “a tough, tannic and unyielding vintage” … if well selected several wines are a good drink now, others are still too young but will be fine in few years …

I don´t mean the Rouget is fully mature, but from the style I guess it is the most accessable of the three (despite the fact that Pommard Vignots is a Village wine … )


My last notes on this I had that it had a drying, acidic edge, with a noticeably tannic structure on top of the fruit, and needed another 10+ years to soften out. 91pts.

I had '93 Leroy Vignots many times, supposedly a better vintage than '95, but the wine was not very interesting.

IMHO 1993 is better than 1995 at Leroy, but not better generally …

1993 was supposedly a better vintage than 1995, but that’s subjective. '93 might be technically and critically superior to '95 because of better balance, but '95 is more fun to drink IMO. 1995 has a little more pop in the fruit department. Once the tannins are resolved, I’d take nearly any '95 over the equivalent '93.

I´ve had many ´93s and ´95s side by side … usually most ´93s have kind of a “narrow” texture in comparison, a closed-in fruit by the (quite dry) structure, they are rarely expansive, not really sweet and the quality of the tannins is not really convincing for me …´95s are often higher in acidity, but the tannins seem riper to me … and WHEN they have found a good balance (some already have) they are singing …
I don´t want to talk down the ´93s … just in comparison … but I even prefer some ´91s …

Not that I have much more to add as Gerhard has done a fine job, but your characterization of 95 sounds more like 98. Also never seen the words “Leroy” and “lightweight” appear in the same sentence :wink:

Sorry you haven’t had much like with 95s. Not my favorite vintage, but that’s mostly b/c I find the wines much more “modern” (using a terrible descriptor here, but that’s the best word I can think of) as they still have lots of sweet fruit, but don’t offer up the kind of secondary flavor I want in 20+ year old Burgs.