Wine Games: Who’s the producer?

I saw this on IG and I thought it might be a fun game to play here? Post a photo of a wine label and then everyone has a chance to start.

I thought it might be neat to see how creative people get. I’m sure there will be some that are more common than others. Anyone have a guess to who this Benchmark producer (for the region) is?



I drink Eyrie and didn’t get it!

This thread is a wonderful idea!

Oooh I want to play but traveling next 2 weeks. I will be on the guessing end as they pop up until I can post some of my own. Great idea for us nerds.

Here’s a board favorite producer


Chick-Fil- A



Owen Roe? He does a lot with old archways & old castles…

No. This one might be a bit too obscure, so I can drop clues if wanted.

Yes, clue please

The name celebrates the fact the vineyard survived a severe blight.

Plouzeau Ante Phylloxera



Another great classic…


No, Rabelais! :wink:

I actually had no idea who that was, hah. Is there a story behind why he’s on the label?

He is from Chinon and supposedly raved about the wines back in the sixteenth century. That’s around the time Pepys was raving about Ho Bryan, “that hath a good and most particular taste that I never met with.”