Wine for Swine

So this weekend a buddy and I are roasting a pig for 75 people or so. We’re going to have a keg of Fat Tire but I was hoping for some feedback on what wines to serve keeping in mind there will be a lot of people there (so cost is a factor), and most are non wine geeks. Thanks

Roast pig, I think, is pretty forgiving. So the choice largely depends on your own taste, and pocketbook.

Alsace is one of the first places I think of for a pork meal (choucroute garni) and what you would get there would be a dry Riesling. There are Rieslings around for less than $10, and also Alsatian whites near that price range. But a lot of people see Riesling as “wimpy” so…

Another place I thought of is Spain for pork. Practically any full-bodied red will do the trick, there have been some great deals on Rioja, but the ones I have seen are like $20-$30. You used to be able to get Penedes reds for about $10. Also Italian – Palazzo della Torre from Allegrini should be delicious with roast pork, $15 or so.

I’m not a Zin drinker but I know Zin drinkers would probably love it with pork.

I =am= a Cab drinker, and I remember having delicious roast suckling pig with a bottle of Leoville Las Cases, yum, to die for. But you don’t want to buy Bordeaux for a crowd. How about a cheap cab, say Bogle??

Thank you Frank

Glad to try to help, hope others offer their perspective.

But just after I posted – I remembered Aussie red wines. This is another category that I don’t buy for myself, but when I see a deal I buy a few bottles for my wife to take to choir practice. And occasionally we drink one at home, and I have to confess that I am often surprised by how much I enjoy it. That might be a good strategy, just look at what’s in your price range with the Australian Shiraz/Cab wines. I imagine that they would be full bodied and great with pork. But then it IS hard to go wrong. I don’t think Pinot Noir would work well but it’s hard to think of other reds that wouldn’t.

Riesling was my first thought, too. Anton Bauer used to do a Gruner Veltiner, also, that was, like, $8 for a liter bottle, that would be brilliant for an outdoor pig roast. Also, Beaujolais villages - with the food, could be from a less plush year than the 09. FWIW, Jadot’s 09 BJ villages is quite good at under $10, though I’d open the bottles in the morning if you are serving in the evening.

Have fun.

My caja china rrived this week and ill be doing a roast soon. What are you using? Brine? Injections?

Keep us posted and share pics if you can…

Thanks again for the good suggestions!

Going the Caja China route as well. We have a Mojo injection we’ll do the night before (citrus, garlic, salt, etc). The pig is 115 pounds so we might have to trim him up to get it in the box!

I like Frank’s red wine suggestions.

You can definitely find some entry level young Riojas in your price range or branch out to other Spanish d.o.c.s i.e. La Mancha. Cava would be fun to have on hand; it’s cheap, festive and will be refreshing in between multiple plates of porky goodness. In Italy, basic reds from Chianti or Montepulciano would play well too.

I like the idea of Argentinian Malbec, Cabs, and Malbec/Bonarda blends. Savory fruit, peppery, and good natural acidity to cut the fat. Also a wine like St. Cosme CdR sounds good, 100% Syrah, juicy with good acidity and minerality, and reasonably priced for 75. (I don’t sell St. Cosme, just a fan.)

I agree with the Spain recommendation for pork. I’m a huge fan of the Castano Monastrell. It’s an excellent, medium bodied Mourvedre and it’s a steal. Here’s a link to Binny’s site for details and a representative price ($7.99 a bottle/ $91 a case). I don’t know what area of the country you live in, but you should be able to find it locally.

For a recent NC pig picking I brought mags of 2008 Roilette Fleurie. Also liter bottles of Spater-Veit riesling were superb.

I bet 08 would be good with pig.

Please report back and tell us what you served, how did it match, how was the pig, pictures etc.

Since they aren’t wine geeks you want to impress :slight_smile: I’d go with a cheap Chard or Pinot Gris for a white and a Aussie Shiraz or an inexpensive Pinot.

Don’t know what you want to spend but Sebastiani does pretty good w/Chard at < $10. Best cheap PN I’ve found is Mark West but you can Google “inexpensive chardonnay” or whatever and find lots of suggestions.

Mental note…plan a trip to old San Antone sooner rather than later.

+1 on Spanish reds as I think they’d be perfect (both the modern and rustic types).
+1 on Rhones as well.

Post pics and/or notes!

Ridge Lytton or Geyserville would do the trick. Stick with red. The richness of the meat will drown out a white. IMHO you need a spicy red with some alcohol to stand up to it. GL and enjoy!

come on down! Kendrick is en route soon.

David, lots of good ideas above: i really like the idea of inexpensive spanish Monastrell, also a fleshier year (since they aren’t wine people) like 07 southern Rhone, CDR Villages- you should be able to find a bunch of these in the 15 dollar range, and less for the Spanish. I like off dry and dry Riesling with roasted pork as well. Sound sliek a great time, have fun!

I like the idea of Rhone. Maybe even venture in the Languedoc. I had a Pic St. Loup w/ pork belly recently and couldn’t get over the pairing w/ pig.