Wine bid for Prum lovers

I know that but it was a copy paste from winebid

Which is why I wasn’t replying to you. I know you know that. It just drives me crazy that people still think that any use of a gold capsule is somehow a gold cap. Even CellarTracker perpetuates this BS.


Hey, I was just referencing the name posted above.

What does the term “(Auction)” mean, with regard to Rieslings?

For example:

2012 Egon Muller White Wine, Riesling | WineBid | Wine for Sale

Bottling released specifically for the annual German VDP Trier Auction, Mosel Bernkasteler Ring Auction and the Bad Kreuznach Auction.


Awesome, thank you! Are the bottles special in some way, other than being destined for those auctions?

The wines for the auction bottlings are suppose to be the cream of the crop/vintage and sometimes they are late releases from the cellars of the estates; either case they are suppose to more exceptional than the other available bottlings for vintage.

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Wow, hadn’t realized Haart had blown up. Have a few of the 2015 Goldtropchen red labels, and they were fine. Hopefully Lauer doesn’t go the same way, always found his wines to be great value and never really shut down.