Wine and weight gain.

Victor is the new Ron!

Mel is the new Victor, then.

The circle of life is complete

I lost 30 pounds without giving up wine. Just count it as carbs as part of a low carb diet.

…goes together like love and marriage. [drinkers.gif]

Fat happens.

when I go low carb, under 25 gm per day, even if the wine is part of that carb total, my weight loss shuts down. Makes it hard to diet–no wine.

Alan, you need to reduce your serving sizes, eat fewer meal and fast when possible. You do get used to it. It is possible.

Run a few miles a day, stand rather than sit and walk rather than drive when you can, and you still have an issue. So what’s next? Well, I found that when you gain an extra three pounds, if you skip dinner and eat lightly all day, you’re OK. It’s a lot easier to knock of three pounds than it is to let it go up to six, nine, twelve, and so on.

But it does lead to weird pairings.

So with this Cab I’m drinking now, instead of a nice hunk of cheese, I’m going to get a few broccoli florets.

Nothing like people giving nutritional/weight loss advice to complete strangers on the Internet… [thumbs-up.gif]


Atkin’s take on alcohol consumption is that it doesn’t throw the body out of ketosis, but the metabolizing of the alcohol will take priority before fat burning resumes. I would think this to be true of liquor and wine more so than something extremely high in carbs like beer.

I would rather give up wine than drink cab with broccoli.

“The extra calories taken in with alcohol are stored as fat,”

Fundamental issue with alcohol consumption, disinhibitors aside. When alcohol comes in, your body immediately prioritizes metabolizing the alcohol, which halts the body’s efforts to metabolize protein, fat, and carbohydrates. As a result, your body has more of an opportunity to convert the non-alcohol consumption into fat for storage. On top of that, consuming alcohol at 7Cal/g in addition to your meal results in the intake of additional calories. I’ve found that considerable consumption is also a deterrent to next-day exercise, as you don’t feel real crisp.

There are some great threads in Asylum addressing this and other fitness and weight loss topics. Bottom line from most fitness professionals and organizations is that reduced consumption of alcohol, all things being equal, is likely to assist weight loss.

Eat less, exercise more work as well as anything I’ve ever tried . I dropped 35 lbs within the last two years, have not Yo-yo’ed more than 3 lbs, just a slow steady decline.

zing! :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost 40# and I still drink my wine, just not as much… [cheers.gif]

My personal observation: wine is totally doable as far as weight maintenance goes, but beer with any regularity is a killer.

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I’m at the beginning of a 3 week, no alcohol, daily exercise, ‘binge’.
If I allow alcohol, the workouts get measurable worse.
And ‘under the influence’, I tend to eat crap.

This is the science behind my decidedly unscientific take on the subject. For me, alcohol in any form causes four problems with my diet:

  1. Additional empty calories
  2. Less likely to exercise the next day
  3. Seems to shut down weight loss almost instantaneously
  4. One drink makes me think that a bag of potato chips is the best idea in the world