William & Mary Wine Co.

Will Segui just tweeted out what looks like his “new” venture - williammarywineco.com

Would love to hear more details than are on the website.

Signed up, curious to hear more about it.

My first thought when I saw the title was that W&M added a viticulture/enology program (and I was confused). It’ll be interesting to see if they run into any trademark issues with the College.

Signed up. Been waiting for this for 3+ years.

Me too. Tasted it last summer. We’ll be buying!!

Has a price point been revealed?

Signed up and can’t wait to hear more

I’m in, fruit source is top notch.

Any info you can share?

I am certainly not “in the know” on this but I do recall Will talking about this project several years ago when we met him in Napa. As I recall, the vineyard source is actually in the family, on his wife’s side, and is in/around the oak knoll area of Napa. The fruit had been sold to others for years. I also recall something about Bond being interested in the vineyard at some point, if I recall correctly, but I was getting tipsy courtesy of Will, so I may be wrong.

I was visiting Rivers Marie with some friends in October 2015 and Will asked where else we were going. We told him we were going to Shifflett Estate to see Jeffrey. Thats when he told us that he was starting William & Mary with grapes from the best spot of the Shifflett vineyard. His wife is related and got access to the grapes. I’m pretty sure they got good grapes because Shifflett didn’t seem to happy about it at all. That being said, when we were at Shifflett’s we had a bottle of his 98 cab and it might have been the best bottle we had all week. I’m excited to try what Will has done with these grapes.

Thank you all for your interest in my project. It is exciting & terrifying all at once.

Additional info:

Shifflett Vineyard, western side of the Valley. 100 acre ranch, about 50 under vine. Fruit goes to a number of great folks - Sinegal, Nickel & Nickel (Bear Flat Merlot is 100% Shifflett), Pride, Revana, Blackbird, etc. My block is 1.1 acres on the hill, clone 7 planted in 1994.

I am the winemaker, I made the wine at Mending Wall in St. Helena. I am planning to offer the wine for sale on Tuesday (3/21). 100 cs in 2014, looks like 85-ish in 2015.

I have spoken to a trademark lawyer and my understanding is that I have the legal right to use the name, as trademarks apply to the field within which they operate (education v wine).

This was my immediate thought too.

You can always go with Mary and William.


… or William and Molly!! :slight_smile:

Holy smokes, really?! I had no idea!

Did you make their 2013s? We LOVE those!

Pretty sure he meant that he made this project in their facility… A number of wineries use the Mending Wall facility (Which I think is owned, or partly owned, by TRB)

Me either! I thought those were made by TRB??

Did you make the PS from there as well??

Signed up yesterday - excited to hear more about the wines!

I think what Will is saying is that he made his W&M cab at the Mending Wall facility.

Ahhh. Yeah…that probably makes more sense :slight_smile:

Thanks bud