Wilde Farm Discounted 3 Packs + Free Shipping

Greetings fellow Berserkers,

First, I want to apologize for not having much wine to sell. Many of you have been wonderful about supporting Wilde Farm from the onset and we are very much appreciative. The Chardonnay is gone and the Heritage is running low. To that end I offer the following:

  1. 2012 Wilde Farm Donnelly Creek Pinot Noir 3 packs. (24 available) Our Pinot Noir has been well received, garnering 93 points from Wine Berserkers own Doug Wilder and the following review: “A nose of cranberry, graphite, red cherry, blueberry, strawberry and a whiff of honey. The palate is extraordinarily delicate with currant, strawberry, rose petal, mineral and subtle spice. The main allure of this wine is the texture - a silky yet tactile structure that weaves its way through all parts. This is one of those wines I find hard to put down, and as evidence, it is the only one of the three samples that is now empty.” Regularly $126, I will offer these three packs at $107, or a discount of 15%. Specify 3 bottles and use promo code Berserk01 at http://www.wildefarmwines.com to receive the discount.

  2. 2012 Wilde Farm Bedrock Vineyard Heritage Field Blend 3 packs (16 available): Here again Doug (92 points) - “A nose of dried florals with an over-arching spice box of licorice, orange peel and cherry. The palate is sharply defined by a crisp cherry, violet and fine-grained cocoa and curacao-flecked spiciness. Over a 2 hour period in the glass, everything integrates with a blue plum and blackberry streak adding extra dimension.” Regularly $108, I offer these 3 packs at $92, or a discount of 15%, the same pre-release friends and family discount that ended in October. Specify 3 bottles and use promo code Berserk01 at http://www.wildefarmwines.com to receive the discount.

Order one 3 pack of each and get free ground shipping (or any combination that equals 6 bottles or more)

Lastly - a bit of a surprise!

  1. 2012 Wilde Farm Trois Fils Pinot Noir, Anderson Valley: This wine has not and will not be reviewed. In fact it has not even been released. Until Now. An AVA Pinot Noir experimental one barrel blend, The Trois Fils (named after my triplet sons - they are represented by the black birds on the Wilde Farm label) was held back a bit from the regular bottling. Bigger on the palate, perhaps a bit less delicate to use Doug’s descriptor, it just felt like it needed more time - and that time is now. 12.4% abv, neutral oak, ambient yeasts, still made by our winemaker Pax Mahle…and $26 a bottle, FREE SHIPPING on 6 bottles or more. Only 20 cases made. This wine and offer will only be available to Wine Berserkers on BerserkerDay! No code is needed at check out. Simply order at http://www.wildefarmwines.com.
    Pro Tip: as I can’t figure out how NOT to apply the discount here, you will get 15% off of the Trois Fils as well when you order over $100 of anything else! That brings it to a crazy $22.10 :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone for your interest and your support. 2013 is in barrel and tasting great!


Amy & Loren Grossman
Wilde Farm Wines

BerserkerBusiness - open for sale 1/26/14

All - Please make sure to APPLY THE CODE: It can be found at the bottom of the review page in the order form under ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: APPLY A PROMOTIONAL CODE. Here you will type Berserk01. This will be after you enter your shipping and credit card information. Thanks!

It’s a great problem for Loren to have, and I appreciate that with what little inventory he has left over, he’s offering a great discount for Berserkers…

my pleasure! champagne.gif

Order is in!

I cannot recommend these wines enough. I have had the pleasure of trying the pinot and the heritage field blend and both are fantastic. I jumped on this offer very quickly yesterday!

I’m in for 6!

Loren, you might want to edit your initial post to show that the discount code is “Berserk01”, rather than the “Berserker01” in the original.

In for a 3 pack of each. Very excited to try these.

I’m in for three pinots and 6 pack of the Trois. Can’t wait…always wanted to try! Thanks Wilde Farm!

Erik - thank you! I swear, I am the worst at this stuff. Many apologies.

The chardonnay was so good, I’m going in on some Heritage.

If the chardonnay is an indicator, this should be good juice. Beautiful label, by the way.

Another winery that wasn’t on my radar prior. Looking forward to tasting them- thanks for the offer!

Thank you all for the wonderful response! The original offering has sold out…but I have put five more 3 packs out there and extended the offer today for those. 10 of the 20 cases of the Trois Fils remain. Humbled by the interest. Thank you again.

Went in for some of all this. Have really been wanting to try it and this was a nice deal.

Wow. Thanks to all who sneaked in last minute stuff. Sold those as well. We will be launching the Trois Fils (what’s left) and a Wilde Farm Rose (only 50 cases - mostly pinot noir, some syrah and totally dry) in April. Stay tuned. Again, many thanks.

I have my case already. I really do believe in travel shock…call me silly, but I do…will crack one Saturday just the same.

Let me know what you think! Give it some air! Many thanks.

Simply wonderful wines. The Chard and Pinot are both fresh, light on their feet, expressive of fruit while showing wonderful restraint. Really hard not to drink them all up. Been waiting for an opportunity to try the Heritage wine. One of these days I’ll bust one out. So glad to have gotten in on this early. You folks will go gaga over these wines.