Who is the BerserkerDay 10 MVP?? Come and see!

Wow! Anybody (first-timer) have that beat???


That is an impressive rookie debut!

You will love the Virage, and hope you have at least one of Emily’s 2007

You must try Arcadian’s Pinot Noir, if you haven’t

Larry’s Tercero roses will make you happy, as will SR’s bubbles and the P&P

I own a Chester’s Anvil T shirt (Get hammered on Chester’s Anvil!) and that was one great deal - I got a case as well

Can’t wait to test drive the Grassl stems!


And $ in the bank? :wink:

A little late to the thread but here’s my entry for ROTY!

3 - Arcadian - Syrah
4 - Biggio Hamina - Pinot
6 - Cowan - Ribolla Giolla
6 - Crawford Family - Albariño and GSM
6 - Franny Beck - Pinot
6 - Keller - Mystery Pack
4 - Ladd - Chardonnay and Pinot
12 - Paetra - Riesling, Rose, and Gewürztraminer
6 - Princess and the Peasant - Carignan
6 - Riverain - Cab and Syrah
6 - Signal Ridge - Pinot, Chard, Sparkling
4 - Sandler - Pinot
6 - Sojourn - Cab, Pinot, Chard (+1 bonus cab)

So purchased 75 bottles, receiving 76. Plus some food from Veleta and a JJ Buckley gift card.

Looks like Lee is the ROTY!!!

Congrats Lee! You really got a nice mix of wines [cheers.gif]

Well, it was a glorious five days while it lasted. Congrats Lee! Luckily for me, as a consolation prize my BD10 wines have started rolling in. I am currently crying into a lovely Arcadian Syrah…

Thanks, Dave! I’m looking forward to trying them all. [cheers.gif]

Thanks, Mike! You win in that regard as mine haven’t made it to the east coast yet, but they should start coming in soon. Did you go with the 03, 04, or 06 Arcadian to start things off?

I coravin’d a glass from the 04, and continuing the bottle tonight. Really smooth right out of the gate, same today, with deep red fruit and a little bit of earthiness and spice.

You have to try Joe’s Pinots…Outstanding - I suggest Pisoni

I’ll chime in as another first timer, went way beyond what I expected.

6 Cabot Aged Cab and Confluence
12 Loring two Pinot mystery packs and six of the 375’s
12 Veleta Insignia and Tempranillo
6 EMH Black Cat
4 Biggio Hamina Pinot
12 Briceland Ishi Pishi
12 Franny Beck Pinots
64 total

Won an Auction for $100 GC.
A bunch of food, cheese, and oil from Nola.
6 Grassl glasses
Really, really wanted some Arcadian but was tapped out by the time I got to them.
I missed iOTA too but caught them a week later on WTSO.

Amazing when three rookies did better than last year’s ROTY!!! flirtysmile

I was out of town and missed this thread. I guess I’m too late to content for ROTY. As a first timer, I bought:

6 Loring Pinots
10 Ladd Pinots, Chards and Zins
4 Sandler Pinots
6 Sojourn Pinots and Cabs (+1 Cab gratis)
4 Wilde Pinots, a Chard and a Zin
4 Zoetic Pinots
6 Briceland Pinots
6 Keller Mystery Wines
6 Liquid Farms Pinots and Chards
4 Biggio Hamina Pinots
8 Longplay Pinots
12 Virage Cabs and Roses

76 total bottles purchased + 1 free = 77 total

Plus 24 Flannery steaks to go with the wine!

The bottles have started coming in but will sit in my cellar since I’m a wee bit behind in drinking.

BD was great fun, and I got to chat with a few of the wine makers and am trying a few labels I don’t know.

I guess I had a glass too many in typing the post. I meant CONTEND not content for ROTY. Darn spell-check (and darn delicious glass of '03 WesMar Olivet Lane Pinot)!