Who is the BerserkerDay 10 MVP?? Come and see!

Last year, John Simpson took the title for the first annual BerserkerDay MVP, buying more than anybody else on the day (at least that we KNOW of). This year the competition was much more fierce, but the Champion knows how to play in the big leagues, so it was a close match.

What I’ve counted up so far for finalists…

Sdfruman - 102 bottles
Peter Shurman - 112 bottles
John Simpson - 124 bottles

And, as of now, until we hear otherwise, it appears that Rich K0rz€nk0 is stealing the trophy from John with a whopping 151 bottles!

Please let me know if my numbers match your buying, and those who can play in the ‘big leagues’ like the rest of these all-stars, show us your numbers!!!


Yall kill it. My credit card is smoking after 64 bottles…


. . . and I mistakenly thought that Rich would never surpass his “Time Person of the Year - 2006” award !

Todd - I think I am at 150 regular BD purchases, plus a mag and 2 other bottles from auctions

I will double-check and post

According to my math I got to 114:

Biggio Hamina: 30
Tercero: 24
Lagier Meridith: 12
Goodfellow: 48

Plus the auction for a stay at Nola’s wine compound. [berserker.gif]

Wow, to these numbers!

There should be a subcategory for highest ratio of bottles actually purchased to bottles one had planned to purchase.
Since my ratio is infinity, I declare myself the sub-champion.

Ok - here we go

Virage 24 bottles (Rose and 2007 Red)
Chester’s Anvil 12 bottles (HH)
Franny Beck 18 bottles (PN and Rose)
Signal Ridge/Princess & Peasant 18 bottles (mixed case and red, white and sparkling)
Biggio Hamina 12 bottles (PN and Rose)
Paetra 18 bottles (Riesling)
Boheme 12 bottles plus a mag (Pinot and Zin, the mag was in the auction (does that count as 2?? [snort.gif] ))
Keller Estates 6 bottles (Mystery pack)
Vincent 12 bottles (whites and PN)
Goodfellow 12 bottles (chard and BC Pinot)
Veleta 12 bottles (Vijiriega)
33 Cellars 6 bottles (chard and PN)
Betwixt 2 bottles (white Rhone - got in the auction)
Tercero 12 bottles (Rose)

That amounts to 164 + a mag

Other purchases

6 pack of Veleta EVOO (and a nice chat with Nola)
Grassl 6 pack of Libere stems (auction)
Grassl 6 pack of Mineralite stems (auction)
Gabriel Glas Alpha decanter (looks really cool, also in the auction)

Notes to self:

Lay off the bourbon on BD!!!

Don’t try to bid up the auctions!!!


I also won another sixer of Signal Ridge by answering a trivia question

Thasssssalottawine. Well done Dave!

See my notes to myself!! [cheers.gif]

I bow to your superiority Dave. You are indeed “THE MAN”!

Holy crap.

I think we have a winner!!! Will give it a day or so but I don’t expect that to be beat!!!

Sounds like Eurocave should have been a partner, could have moved some units to these mvp’s

Wow, I do bow to that. I picked up a 12 of Kutch outside Berserker Day and that’s still more. No brainer on the title, well deserved, and its comforting to know someone went that much further over the edge of sanity, even if bourbon induced.

That’s some serious competition and several honorable mentions.

Rich, classy and humorous concession. . .

Well done! I don’t even know how you all found the time for that. I did about a third the damage, and it required stealing off to my office every hour, while ignoring my kids, and my wife’s evil eye as I set fire to this month’s mortgage money.


Thanks to all of you for giving me something to show my wife when she complains about by BDX purchases!

Excellent point

First timer here and all I can say about everything is Wow, what a great day! I am a serious dumb a$$ for not doing this sooner.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible; including those who bought waaayy more than my 21 bottles and supported the wineries. [worship.gif]