Who is the BerserkerDay 10 MVP?? Come and see!

Ok, I gave it a full day, no other respondents have stepped up, so we have our 2019 BerserkerDay MVP, and I’ll be changing the badge over to our new champ!

Dave McIsaac is our new BerserkerDay Champion, and John Simpson has become an All-Pro with his multiple years of incredible BD purchases…

Thank you Todd, and congrats to you John, for your Lifetime Achievement award… [cheers.gif]

Amongst my purchases were 7 wineries that are new to me: Franny Beck, Biggio Hamina, Boheme, Keller Estate, Goodfellow, 33 Cellars and Betwixt.

I am really looking forward to trying them, and I also restocked on some others that I have really enjoyed.

Virage was my biggest buy at 24 bottles, 18 rose and 6 of her magnificent 2007 red blend. Great stuff if you haven’t tried either. Her roses can age, but I have trouble keeping my hands off of them.

Todd - please check your PMs

I hate to admit this, but after Sunday’s blitz, I added a six pack of Bougetz SBs last night, which is also a new winery to me.

Congratulations, Dave. Or condolences. Whichever fits. [cheers.gif]

Since Dave won BOTH Auction MVP and BerserkerDay MVP, how do I honor the runner up for Auction MVP?? How do I decide? Paul Hiyake had 3 auctions, one short of Dave’s four…

BOTH!! [drinkers.gif]

Wasn’t Rich the runner-up last year by a close margin? If so, I’d nominate him as an All-Pro as well.

A Former All-Pro

Impressive purchases by all the contenders.

Did your credit card companies block any purchases?

Why yes, yes they did!

I was trying to buy a case of Tercero rose, and my card was declined about a dozen times.

The bank called me, and we sorted it out, and I was able to complete the transaction.

Then came many, many more!

Thanks Mike, appreciate the sentiment and the nod [tips glass] from a perennial all star. Its a fine line between being an honor and acknowledging depravity lol.

Was a good weekend, and fun to just indulge my id.

Got dinged twice. First was on 10th hit of Preview day (Theopolis I think), bounced like a golf ball. Then my first on Sunday (Iota) was another return to sender, which required a call and an accountant.

You are tied with Scott Tallman!

We usually have to contact a decent number of Berserkers Day purchasers to ask them to “reach out” to their bank to ok a sale.

champagne.gif [wow.gif]

Actually 5, Kemo Sabe, as I won two separate auctions of the Freek’s! [wink.gif]

I think you’re short changing yourself by a case. It looks like 176 plus a mag, to me. [worship.gif]

What about a ROY? I totaled 37 which was way more than I expected. I’m sure it’s not tops but would be interested to see what other first timers got.

1 2007 Cabot Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Humboldt County
2 2004 Cabot Vineyards Confluence
1 2007 Cabot Vineyards Confluence
2 2009 Cabot Vineyards Confluence
6 2017 Goodfellow Family Cellars Pinot Noir Berserker CuvÈe
3 2013 EMH Cabernet Sauvignon Black Cat
3 2014 EMH Cabernet Sauvignon Black Cat
3 2016 Riverain Cabernet Sauvignon
3 2016 Riverain Syrah Cardiac Hill Bennett Valley
2 2015 Sojourn Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Georges III Vineyard
3 2016 Sojourn Cabernet Sauvignon CuvÈe Home Ranch
2 2017 Sojourn Chardonnay Sangiacomo Vineyard
1 2017 Sojourn Pinot Noir Gap’s Crown Vineyard Sonoma Coast
1 2017 Sojourn Pinot Noir Rodgers Creek Vineyard Sonoma Coast
2 2017 Sojourn Pinot Noir Sangiacomo Vineyard
1 2017 Sojourn Pinot Noir Walala Vineyard Sonoma Coast
1 2014 Sojourn Cabernet Sauvignon Proprietary Cuvée

You’re right Jim!

I won another 6 bottles from Signal Ridge that I didn’t include in those totals, and have added another 6 pack from both Bougetz and DV8! [wow.gif]

I can’t blame either of those on the bourbon!! [snort.gif] [cheers.gif]

I haven’t spent a nickel in ten years of Berserker Days. Where’s my prize?

YES! Forgot about the BerserkerDay ROTY! We had one last year, and now a new one!!

Oh, I didn’t know there was a ROTY award?! I humbly submit:

6 Tercero Mouvedre Rose
6 mixed case Briceland Vineyards reds
6 Franny Beck Pinots
6 mixed case Valeta reds
6 Princess and the Peasant Carignan (never heard of the varietal, bought solely on the recommendation of this group)
3 EMH Black Cat cabs
3 Arcadian Syrah
6 Loring Pinots
4 Virage Cab Franc blends (arriving today!)
3 Riverain cabs
12 Chester’s Anvil (talk about QPR)

For a total of 61 bottles, 11 producers. [berserker.gif]

I also got 18 Grassl glasses and some Flannery steaks (plus 2 bottles of Signal Ridge bubbles…non berserker day).

I’ve learned so much from this forum, and loved BD10, even if my bank account does not. [head-bang.gif]