Which Zalto for everyday drinking?

We drink mostly reds, generally younger.

Ethan, I think the Universal is right up your alley. I really enjoy their burgundy glass, but if I had to pick one and only one it would be the universal.

Universal…easy decision.

Not too big of a fan of the Bordeaux…I really like the Burgundy but it is on the big side…I’ve been trying to use the Burgundy more on a regular basis but the size just takes away from some of the elegance IMO…

When in doubt for any wine type, Universal. Hard not to like.
Burgundy is gorgeous too; broader in both size and effect, like more broad spectrum bass than treble.

easy call on the Universal stem…love my Zaltos

For “everyday” drinking…I use the Crate and Barrel Red Wine Hip…I don’t even notice the difference between it and the “authentic” price-controlled Zalto Burgundy glass. To me, that shape is perfect for almost all reds…and WB, too. http://www.crateandbarrel.com/hip-wine-glasses/f50944

To me, shape and feel add to the mix, but shape is most important for wine enjoyment and analysis…and …in that regard…at 1/9 the price of the “real” Zalto…it’s worth a try…and little risk (unlike with the real Zaltos…all of which except one I’ve broken over the years @$50+/per…a stupid purchase, frankly.)

I was waiting for the first “Zaltos are overpriced” comment! [snort.gif] But when your wife loves them at restaurants, and it’s her birthday…

I’ll go against the grain and say we have a couple Zalto Universal that have never been used. We drink almost exclusively red wine and find the Bordeaux glasses the sweet spot. I just think the Universal is a little small for swirling and, when I have a choice, as I do each night in my cupboard, I just always reach for something larger.

BUT, not as large as the Burgundy, which I found ridiculously fishbowl-like and awkward to drink from because of it. For us, the Bordeaux is the just-right Goldilocks point in the Zalto lineup; big enough to be substantial but not so large as to be redonkulous.

I agree with S. Williams here — if you mostly drink reds, I’d get the Bordeaux glass. It functions well as a generic “red wine” glass and I suspect you’ll find it does much better for tannic, younger reds than the Universal.

I own sets of the Bordeaux, Burgundy, and white wine glasses (do not own the Universal but used them plenty at restaurants) and the white wine gets the least use, as I serve whites with oak (e.g. White Burgundy) in the Burgundy glass.

Coming from the Riedel Sommelier line previously, the glasses are not large at all. :slight_smile:

i’m a universal fan and use mine nearly every day
i have the bordeaux and burgs (and champagne) as well but don’t find them as comfortable for every day use

Universal. We have the Universal and the Burgundy and drink everything other than Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo out of the Universal. Sometimes we use the Universal for those too.

Universal would get my vote as the best all purpose but if it is mostly younger reds that benefit with airing, maybe the Bordeaux would be better. I’d say get both and then decide because it is worth having both of them (well heck, add the Burgundy, too but that one isn’t for everyday) anyway.

We have the Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Universal glasses. The Burgundy gets the most use (red/white Burgs, Nebbiolo are our most drunk wines; also prefer it for some Beaujolais and Chenin blancs). We love the Universal for Champagne, Sherry, Riesling, Muscadet, Chablis, and the like. Don’t find the Universal quite as appealing for most reds, and tend to go to the Bordeaux glass for Bdx blends, Rioja, Northern Rhone, Chianti.

Yes, I might make an exception under those circumstances, too.

Luckily, my wife has had both the authentic and the Crate and Barrel and also finds them indistinguishable in the amount of pleasure they add to the mix.

But, I do believe that the Burgundy shape is the most versatile of the zaltos for the everday red experience…not the universal or bordeaux Zaltos…whether they are good or poor values.

Universal is the only glass I use and it certainly lives up to it’s name for my palate. I do plan to try a Bordeaux just to make sure I’m not missing anything.

Thanks all, picked up a couple Universals, and have a birthyear (I’ll withhold the vintage…) Laurel Glen on tap for dinner.

The other advantage of the Universal is transport…I haven’t attempted to move a Bordeaux one around but the Burgundy one is a pain…The Universal works out great for offlines…

Late yesterday I wanted my 21 year old daughter to have a taste of our 2015 (yes, I picked already) EMH Black Cat. I had pulled a sample at the winery on Friday afternoon. Anyway, I poured it into a Zalto Universal and handed it to her. In addition to the excitement of the new juice, she said “Whoa, what is this glass?” I told her. She has grown up on Riedel and Spiegelau, but this got her attention.

It is really that spectacular. I have 21 of these stems and 9 on the way. They fit perfectly in the Miele dishwasher.

a year ago, i would have said universal. but having lived with these for a while, to me the bordeaux is the best overall. certainly for reds and many whites too. if i could only have one zalto, it would be the bordeaux. and then i’d supplement with “stuart’s” shitty crate and “barrel” knockoffs maybe.

Major +1 - and they are great for champagne too!