Which Zalto for everyday drinking?

i got sick of using improper glasses while i was in france earlier this year and purchased a burgundy stem on the go. traveled with it no problem and even carried it back to the us in only the original box with no padding. not even a scratch!

Love the bordeaux glass as an all-purpose glass. Haven’t tried the universal, but I’d miss the extra bowl space for sure.

I just picked up a 4 pack from Ikea and frankly the wine still ends up in my gullet, so: Success!

After unpacking 9 new Zalto Universal stems (to add to the stable here), I can say with confidence that the packaging is excessibe! [cheers.gif]

And how am I supposed to store 30 of these babies? I have been emptying Riedel/Speigelau 6 pack cartons, replacing the stems with the Zaltos, and putting R/S back in those individual boxes. Geesh. Truly, truly excessibe.

drink 2004 burgundies out of them and give Bonehead an aneurysm.

champagne.gif champagne.gif champagne.gif champagne.gif champagne.gif

What is a Burgundy?

If I could choose only one Zalto, I think it would be the Bordeaux. For white aromatics the universal is suitable but even then sometimes I like the extra space that the bordeaux provides. The burgundy is a spectacular glass though and I think I would miss it if I didn’t have the option.

I have the Universal. Love it. Never tried the Bordeaux or Burg. Maybe I’d love them more? Don’t really care - ignorance is bliss. Universal has treated me well. Zalto rocks.

Speaking of Zaltos…

I have the bordeaux glass, but rarely use it; the universal gets a regular workout. Right now with this 87 rioja.

Thanks, Andy, for posting a photo taken this afternoon of my new kitten, Miss Finn, carefully guarding multiple Zalto Universals.

Miss Finn is a polydactyl wonder. She is, for sure, the Black Cat of my dreams. A rescue, as well.

What is the board favorite source for Zaltos…was just looking to pick up some yesterday…

We use the Bordeaux the most but I like the Universal too. We do not have the Burgundy and don’t really see the need in it I just drank a Vincent Ribbon Ridge from the Bordeaux and it was fabulous.

I use the Universal about 2/3 of the time and the Bordeaux about 1/3 of the time. They are close in terms of presenting the wine aromatics, with neither being a consistent clear winner. I prefer the ergonomics of the Universal. I have one Burgundy but rarely use it, as both the aromatics and ergonomics, for me, fall short of the others.

Universal. I think I own them all. -mark

I have the Universal, Bordeaux and Burg glasses and use them all regularly. Universal for lots of different whites and rose. Burg for chard, gruner, pinot, gamey, nebbiolo, reds from Sicily. Bordeaux for Bordeaux, Rhone, Rioja, Brunello. I like the variety and differences each glass brings to the table. Universal could work for some reds, especially older delicate wines.

Since the OP is looking for one glass and generally drinks younger wines I would go with the Bordeaux. Not to big but big enough to get some good air into the wine.

I see it the exactly opposite…

I don’t see a point in the Bordeaux…It isn’t as elegant as the Universal and not nearly as versatile…and the Burgundy trumps it for the wines that will show best in it…

But that said, I can easily see why some people would want to use the Bordeaux all of the time…especially if you’re mainly drinking reds…The Burgundy, while great, is a bit of a pain size wise…