Which wine decanter do you use?

I have bought several $25-$75 wine decanters over the years for various reasons. They have either broke, chipped or I just didn’t like the way they poured which is why I have been reluctant to spend a lot of money on one.

I recently bought a Ravenscroft Duck decanter because I thought it would be easy to pour and has good surface area for aeration. The problem I have with this one and several others is that it drips (a lot) when poured and I need to hold a towel against the opening every time I use it. Can anyone recommend a good decanter under $150 that is easy to pour and doesn’t drip? Thanks in advance.

I think most will drip. I just keep a towel handy. My preference these days is the Riedel Merlot decanter, not because I drink any Merlot but because it is inexpensive (approx $25), good looking, and relatively narrow. I don’t like wide-bottomed decanters for most occasions because there is just too much surface area exposed when you get to the bottom of the bottle.

I funnel the wine back into the bottle prior to service for ease of pour. Solves a lot of problems.

Erlenmeyer flasks. They look cool and get a ton of comments, plus they are so cheap, I just let the people that really like 'em take one home.

since I drink mostly Burgundy, I want a decanter with a small air/fluid interface, hence I use a carafe. I own many fancy crystal decanters but the crystal/lead issue coupled with larger surface areas makes me keep them on display rather than in use.


I’m sort of partial to this one. Cheap and pours easily.

On a serious note, I find decanters all the time at Tuesday Morning. Generally about $15 and I’ve never had a pouring issue, though breakage has been a problem - usually when I knock one over that I’ve set down upside down to dry. If you don’t have a Tuesday Morning, good, inexpensive decanters are available everywhere including BB&B and Macy’s, usually for $25-30. This one is from Macy’s for $29.99 including the stems. I you don’t like the glasses, just toss 'em. I kinda like the Erlenmeyer flask idea, though.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I might invest in some lead-crystal Pyrex.

Faryan…That’s a great idea. So simple and solves my issues.

I use the Riedel Cabernet Decanter and it works great and is easy to clean.


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$10. hand blown.



There’s also this one from Target. The website doesn’t show the price because the online store is out of stock, but it can’t be expensive. It’s from Target fer chrissake.

Glass carafe / flower vase from WalMart: $3.00. Shaped just like a decanter. Made of glass. Works perfect.

I mostly use a pair of old milk bottles (well, they were new when I bought them) I found at Urban Outfitters about 25 years ago - geez, are they that old? I think so! Sturdy, not too much surface exposure, and they don’t drip unless one is really careless in pouring.

I bought a bunch from World Market (Cost Plus) that work pretty well when serving blinds and the like. $25-$30 for a nice crystal one. That said, lots of chips and nicks.

Lately I’ve been using a carafe from Crate & Barrel. Not sure why, maybe it just cleans a bit easier.

Lately I’ve been double decanting into a 4-cup Pyrex cup then back into the bottle via funnel. Makes service easy, and I imagine that it allows for more gradual aeration than letting it sit in a wide container (though I have no science to back that up). Also, before my cheap ass broke down and bought an actual decanter a couple years ago, I used a cylindrical flower vase (free with purchase!) that nobody knew wasn’t a sleek art-deco decanter.

A 1.0L, $6.50 Luminarc carafe, I have dozens of them in my lounge at work, and most of my tasting group uses them at home as well. Cheap, easy to clean, and perfectly functional.

Can’t seem to post the picture, but you can google Luminarc carafe, and their part number is below.

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I have a host of decanters, from cheapies to quite nice crystal ones to a collection of 18th and early 19th century decanters. The one I keep returning to time and again is an American Brilliant Period cut glass Claret jug (late 19th century). It is of cylindrical form with a small molded spout and handle. It is easy to use and pours without spilling. It is leaded glass, but my hope is that after this much time has passed, the worst of the lead-leaching is long since past.

Thomas Halverson

I picked up several one liter carafe’s on close out from crate and barrel for $5 a piece. Love the fact they are easy to clean and have a smaller surface area

I’ve got an Amadeo decanter from Riedel that I like a lot. I’ve also got some cheaper ones from Crate and Barrel that have worked well. The Riedel Ultra, while cool looking, has to be one of the least functional units out there and I only use it in a pinch.

We have a handful of decanters similar to above, but since like 95% of the time i’m decanting to aerate, I use a wide mouth pitcher some close friends gave us as a wedding gift years back. It pours well, and it’s super easy to clean.

I have used Bob’s pyrex on occasion as well - mainly if i’m by myself and trying to measure out half a bottle.