Which Carlisle are you drinking?

Just to keep the theme going.
Tonight I popped the Dry Creek Zin from 2012. Probably one of the more exciting DCZs I’ve had. Darker and richer aromas, but still with the leaner DC profile you expect on the palate. Very nice length too and matched a home dry aged rib-eye to a T.

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2012 Saitone Zin - opened too soon, but it was damn good!!!

I drank the '06 Two Acres over the weekend. Drink or hold.

2012 Pagani Zin last weekend was delicious…pretty much the epitome of a Carlisle Zinfandel.

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I have an '06 TA on deck for this week.

Last night it was '13 Limerick Lane Zin (like a bowl full of zinberries!) and a '13 Pagani Alicante Bouschet (like essence of blackberry).

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Oh yeah… I’m looking forward to that Alicante Bouschet!

The '12 DCZ evolved nicely for day. It now has a rounder more supple body. Why can’t DCZ be like this more often?

Bragging about your allocations :wink:
I’d definitely love to pop a few young ones but not when I only have 2.

Tonite we opened (did not finish) an '08 Sonoma County Zin (screwcapped)- nicely aged beauty.

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According to CT, I haven’t had a Carlisle in 5 weeks, unless I forgot to write a note. No wonder I have been feeling poorly recently. I’ll need to remedy the problem on Thursday night when my son comes home.

Fun thread.

I had the 09 Papera on Saturday, P&P and good to go from the opening bell. Pretty wine and full bodied, yet fresh and very smooth to drink, perfect with BBQ Ribs and pulled pork. I don’t see much room for improvement but it should hold a spell if you are inclined to age further.

Every Friday is Carlisle night, it’ll be either '06 TA or '09 Montafi or something else.

'06 TA it is. Dark rich mulberry flavor with a hint of tree bark underneath. This shows as if it is just a few years old.
Some astringency still present on the after taste that may or may not disappear with more time in the bottle.
2/3rds saved for tomorrow when I’ll also PPP and '06 Yorkville PS with bbq.

Friday had the 07 Papas Block Syrah, unfortunately it was badly corked. The cork itself was soft, snapped on opening.

Tried again with the same wine except 08, nice wine good dark fruits with strong backbone.

Alen, Glad you finally had a good experience.

The TA was great on day two, no fall off whatsoever. The '06 Yorkville Pet is perhaps finally settling down to become a bit more civilized. For a Pet that is. Effusive nose of violets, blood, dark fruits. Intense palate, but tannins are in check. Perfect wines with BBQ.

I just uncapped (decapped) a 2007 Cardiac Hill Syrah to have with braised lamb shanks.

13 Sonoma Zin.
We have lamb shanks braising too but they are tomorrow’s dinner. [cheers.gif]

Drinking a 2010 Syrah Bennet Valley right now. Quite good if a bit young.

Loren, is that Cardiac Hill?

Edit: Just looked at the vintage chart to find it’s not the Cardiac Hill.