Which Carlisle are you drinking?

We opened an '08 Rosella’s syrah with our lamb. Really nice. It’s in a good spot and doesn’t appear to be fading. Not sure if it will improve but I have limited experience with Carlisle Rosella’s. More familiar with various Rosella’s pinots

Did you pick up any of that Rosella’s Syrah grapefruit?

To be honest, no. I wasn’t really looking for it though, was more focused on the lamb which had just come off the green egg.

I needed some comfort this week so had to open two. I am loving the 2011’s! A few nights ago it was the 2011 Saitone Ranch Zin. Never heard of this one - perhaps the first year? Great from the start but continued to open up over two nights.

The Steiner Vineyard Syrah (2011) was interesting. The first night I thought perhaps mildly corked - slightly off flavor and no nose. Second night it had transformed into a beautiful syrah, balanced, supple, great mouth feel and layers of flavor with enough acid to make it go pop. Last sip for breakfast on day 3 and it was still going strong. Sad it was my last bottle.

In another thread someone suggested that you should stick to the ones you know and love with Mike’s wines but bottles like the Steiner make me question this idea. I have had so many new Carlisle wines over the last few years that have made me glad to have stretched my order even if it is only single bottles.

Just opened a 2007 Carignane, Papera Ranch, Russian River Valley.

Last night we had a 2011 Saitone Zin. Just wonderful - probably my favorite 2011 Carlisle Zin yet. I think the 2011s are just starting to open up now.

2013 Sonoma County Zinfandel - If there was ever such a thing as “delicate” Zin this is it. A really pretty wine done in a style I haven’t come across often. I was surprised to see it listed at 15% ABV, where is all of that hiding? I keep these in the daily drinker cellar because of the price, but they really would benefit from a couple years. Decanted for 1 hr tonight, but next time I’ll give it 3-4 if possible.

Opened the 2013 CMP last night. Really nice, summery white wine, green and yellow fruit, candle wax, and a crisp finish. Great with fish.

Some gushing note on CT about the 2013 Sonoma County Syrah… need to crack one open.

Had one of those a few weeks ago, don’t know if my review was gushing but I certainly enjoyed the wine. I’m a fairly recent buyer of Carlisle so still getting an understanding of the house style but I was surprised by the Sonoma County Syrah and Zin in their lighter style when compared to the Three Birds or the Papera.

  • 2013 Carlisle Syrah Sonoma County - USA, California, Sonoma County (3/12/2015)
    PnP. Initial nose of leather, rose petal, and dark berries. Pours a brilliant crimson color that really shimmers due to the wines opacity. A bit lighter bodied than anticipated, but this turns to be a virtue because in the mouth this leads with a bit of acid, followed by more dark fruits, cracked pepper, and a wonderful finish with slightly drying tannins. This really starts to open up after a couple hours in the decanter, the aromatics intensify and the depth and finish crank up a couple notches. Lots of structure here, could use a few years but it will be tough to keep hands off these beauties given the price.

Cardiac hill 2007 Syrah

Nervous, im having a run of bad luck with Carlisle, opened this way early to see what happens with air. Cork was soft so im even more anxious

2011 Montafi with lunch today. Thanks given.

2013 Zinfandel Sonoma County. With deconstructed Bison burgers. Wine seems a bit too young; at least with the limited air time since it was P&P

2009 Bedrock Zin with ribs.

'09 Montafi on deck as well as the '13 CMP for the weekend.

2011 Derivative and 2011 Mouvedre last night. Both were excellent.

Wine was OK, nice nose but the finish was way shorter than you would hope for.

Im getting really really baffled by Carlisle, the good ones ive had are fantastic and everyone else seems to have no issues but for me its getting to a point of not having confidence in the bottles prior to opening

You know Mike Officer IS Carlisle?

LOL now that was good!!!

I have my second to last '09 Montafi sitting right next to my last '07. I’m trying to think of an excuse to try them side by side.

The last time I had the '07, it was my favorite zin of the new millennium. Maybe it still is?