Where to stay in Montreal?

Hi everyone. We’ll be heading to Montreal for three nights at the end of March / start of April for a conference and curious if anyone has suggestions on where to stay. Looking to book through Amex it seems that strong options are:

Vogue Hotel
Fairmont Queen Elizabeth
Hotel William Gray
Omni Mont Royal

All seem to be located well enough. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

My wife and I stayed at the Ritz on Sherbrooke St. for 2-3 nights a year or so before Covid. Very nice and well located. Bonvoy card got us one free night and upgrade to amazing suite on same floor as Charlize Theron. Your mileage may vary….

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Ritz is a very good location. I stayed at the le Meredien which was ok.

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We have stayed at hotel10 on rue Clark maybe 5x over the last decade. Haven’t been back since pre covid but we think it’s excellent, perfectly located and well priced. Clean and a bit stylish. Right on Sherbrooke so you can walk to old port (have a drink on the roof at hotel nelligan), or mile end.

For what it’s worth…we’ve eaten everywhere in town and always wish we just went to joe beef and their other restaurants. Mon lapin is where we’d go when we return.

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I like Le Plateau-Mont-Royal near the metro more than Old Montreal or downtown.


Hotel St Paul, at the edge of old Town… nice boutiquey rooms…

Have fun

we loved getting coffee and pastries every day at olive and gourmando in old port.

Probably my favorite thing from my last trip there was smoked meat sandwiches

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Old town and old port are more commonly referred to as Old Montreal or Le Vieux Montreal

Schwartz’s on St Lawrence St is the place for smoke meat sandwiches. Often long lines, but you can do take out too.

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Yeah I love that place.

Thank you all, Schwartz’s is on my list for sure. My SO will be in a surgical conference during the days so I’ll have some time to explore the city without much agenda while she is occupied.

I’m still trying to decide on a couple of restaurants for dinners. From other threads here I’m seeing recommendations for:

  • Bouillon Bilk
  • Club Chasse et Peche
  • Pastel
  • Toque
  • Monarque
  • Gibby’s

Have a reservation for Joe Beef but could only get quite a late reservation on Thursday. Thoughts on whether it’s worth it? Past it? Better off going elsewhere?

ive been to club chasse et pache but had to be nearly a decade ago. it was good…a bit traditional but i support it.

joe beef is very small and extremely popular. its a heavy, heavy meal. frankly, id rather go next door to vin papillon for dinner. smaller plates focusing on seafood and vegetables and wine. id be even more inclined to try mon lapin instead as its owned by the chef who helped make joe beef the celebrated restaurant that it is. they just celebrated a 5 year anniversary.

really depends on what type of food you want to eat. think of joe beef as a really heavy steakhouse on drugs. ive eaten there maybe since 2005 and its great but over the top.

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There is also a brewery which is kick ass named Dieu du Ciel

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Fairmont is big almost 900 rooms. My wife thought our room was small. Pretty good location. This was after staying in a suite at the Four Seasons in Toronto.
Maybe check out the Sofitel.


I love Fairmonts but the one in Montreal is not my favorite. Spent a week there on a business trip precovid and it just didn’t have the Fairmont charm – and I found the food meh for that night when you just want to stay in

I always grab lunch at Au Pain Dore on Peel (and I’ve been known to stop there on way to airport to fill a bag with breads to take home) … now I an so hungry!

You should try a Montreal bagel too. Two of the best are St-Viateur and Fairmont Bagel.

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Definitely on my list as well!

This wasn’t on your list, but would recommend Dandy if you need brunch or lunch or a pastry. We were there in December. Try their maple butter tart if you go!

+1 514-289-9996

Thanks Katie! Dandy is also on my list, but the list I posted here was just for dinner options. I appreciate the suggestions!