Where to shop in Paris?

Are you looking for some specific regions or wines?

Unless you’re less concerned about getting the VAT refunded then I would reiterate the possibility to order from outside of France as well. German, Italy, Spain or even countries like Belgium will reach Paris quite fast as well.

I have in the past ordered wines from France from a few different online shops, there are quite a few specialized retails… Quite a few wineries offer deliveries as well.

Looking mostly for burgundy and champagne.
Thanks for the tip. Will take a look at other countries’ retailers. Let me know if you have a suggestion.

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Couldn’t you have said any other regions :joy:
Burgundy is more challenging and I would suggest a WS pro search for specific producers with region selected as European Union/EFTA.

It’s been a while but I used to order from one of the retails mentioned above (only good experiences - during certain periods they used to offer nice discounts):


If you include Beaujolais (also have winemakers from other regions though the focus is Beaujolais) then this is a good place even though the site is not top in UX (behind the scenes, top):


After seeing the Champagne correspondence in one of the other threads I would consider to reach out to @Donald_Pennet. He might ship to France, otherwise he might be able to cross the boarder and send the wines for you when he goes to France. This is his website:


Hope you find exciting wines worth bringing home with you!

It’s purely timing. La Derniere Goutte usually don’t hide bottles even for the rarer stuff. So when it gets on the shelves it disappears very quickly.
In recent months, I got some Gonon 2020, missed on Dauvissat 1er cru and grand cru this year (bought 1 Chablis to taste), found some Cédric Bouchard for instance. I think I passed on Allemand due to pricing, can’t remember for sure.


Happy to hear that, crossing my fingers for the next visit! I do like the guy who is running it, seems like a straight shooter.