Where are you finding the best Vegas deals??

My wife and I have decided to celebrate our first anniversary in September with her first trip to Las Vegas. I know it’s a bit early for hotels to start giving deals for September, but I’m just wondering were you have found the best deals on hotels in Vegas: websites? hotel mailing list? travel agent?

Flight is taken care of via frequent flier miles, so packages are out. And I want her to get the full ‘Vegas experience’ so 5-star strip hotels on the north side are what I’m looking for: Venetian, Wynn, Bellagio - Mandalay is too far out IMO.

Any ideas?? Thanks!

Mike, first off - Happy Anniversary (coming up)!!

I don’t think you’ll have much trouble finding deals. Vegas is hurting HUGE right now. Take your time and make some calls, search as many sites as you can, and don’t lock in too early, as the best deals always come at the last minute.

How did you get your cheap rate??

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definitely too early for specials in sept.

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Hard to beat the offers I’ve been getting from Mandalay Bay.
Any two nights in Feb or March…free! No charge. No exclusions.
I’ve been in their player’s club for years but I’ve never, ever seen an offer where they did not exclude some days, and surely weekends.
They must be dying over there.

My wife and I were out there last month. We didn’t wait more than a minute or two, if at all, at any of the cab stands. Were immediately seated at every restaurant and, I would guess, probably could have walked right in any or most. Two cabbies said that they used to be dealers but lost their jobs due to cut backs. They said things are bad. I read somewhere recently gambling revenue was down for the 12th straight month.

We got a great deal through Amex Platinum at the Bellagio. I am now getting offers from several places.


Hey yo, better than any card benefit is fatwallet’s VEGAS deal thread. Check their TRAVEL section.

Just stayed at the Bellagio for $149 / night. However, too hard to tell for next September. Perhaps you can pay now to secure a rate for Sept, as rates will probably go up. You’re gonna have a blast. Great foodie and wine town. Enjoy!

Thanks for all the help! I’ve been watching FatWallet.com and they seem to be THE place to find deals.

Just saw this unreal deal for Mandalay Bay - regular rooms start at $65/night and penthouse suites start at $265/night! Too bad the promo ends the week before we plan to be there, plus it’s on the wrong side of the strip for us.
https://reservations.mgmmirage.com/bookingengine.aspx?pid=mbh&host=promo&code=pwkend" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

ahhh. I used to go to LV 6 times a year. The good old days. This is a pretty awesome publication that has all the events and deals going in Las Vegas. It’s subscription, but the link is a copy of their March 09 issue.


I would also go to http://www.cheapovegas.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; very funny site, but useful and informative!

Enjoy your trip!

Everything is hugely discounted right now and should continue to be be at least through this year and probably beyond. Just had some friends in town who stayed at the new Wynn tower (Encore) all rooms are suites and were $300+, now there going for $150. Other than MGM properties everyone is just giving rooms away, if non gaming is not an issue i’ve heard Trump towers 3 room suites that were going for about $500 a night are $99. Come spend some money and keep our unemployment rate under 11% - it is really sucking here.

Stayed at the Trump a few weeks back for $109…ridiculous price for the rooms they offer. Probably the nicest rooms I’ve stayed in with full amenities. Staying there again on a weekend in May…paying $104/night. What’s nice about the Trump is no casino, which means no smoke. Now is definitely the time to go to Vegas.

Just booked a 2 night stay at the new Palazzo Tower (Venetian) in a strip view room suite w/ a bunch of resort coupons (slot play, etc.) for $139 a night! While there are probably better deals to be had, the Venetian/Palazzo has the best ‘standard’ rooms on the strip. Palazzo rooms have been going for $199 a night for the past two months, so when I saw this deal I jumped on it. You can book the same deal here: http://www.palazzolasvegas.com/EPSUMM.aspx" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; - Expires April 20th.

BTW - for those looking for the absolute best deal, looks like rooms at the Wynn and Venetian are going for $70 to $90ish on Hotwire. Several guys have posted about it on BetterBidding.com. I would have gone that route, but I’m not willing to risk a less than desirable room for our first Anniversary.

That’s a good deal Mike, check out the wine bar on the second level of the Palazzo tower where the shops and restaurants are, Had a good time there last year with Adam Lee.

Wife and I are going to Vegas over Memorial Day weekend. We’re staying at the Venetian. Has anybody been to Bouchon for brunch? If “yes,” what did you think of it?

We already have plans to hit-up LOS for one of our dinners, but I’d like to hear recs. on other great dinner spots. TIA.


Have you ever stayed at the Wynn? Last time there we stayed at the Pallazzo and, to us, the rooms at Wynn are FAR better. Nothing wrong with the Pallazzo, but Wynn sees way better. The bed at Wynn is outstanding too. Of course, I don’t like the casino at the Wynn, but we enjoy traveling around in Vegas.


French toast = excellent.
If you’re going to do fine dining, check out Alex at the Wynn… really great food expertly prepared.
Burger Barn in Mandalay is good for lunch.
I always hit up a buffet cause i’m a pig like that, Main street in downtown vegas has a good $10 buffet, if you wanna be a balla the Wynn is pretty good … Bellagio very close 2nd.
Also had a good meal at Daniel B @ the Wynn, not too expensive, $50 a person with apps/dessert.
Venetian has some pretty good places too, I like the rotisserie place (i forget the name atm).

If i can think of some more places i’ll come back and reply.

Mike, do what I did.

I booked a standard room at the Wynn. I slipped a $20 bill between my CC and DL. I slid it on the counter to the guy and asked him for any free upgrades to the suites in the Tower (insert reason why you’re in vegas… your case 1st time there). He discreetly (be sure no other workers are around!) pocketed the money … tip tapped some keys. Upgraded us to a $500/pn Parlor Suite. The tower has a private entrance, 24 hour concierge, private pool/restaurant, and the hotel key gets you to the front of the line at almost every restaurant (minus the fine dining… but great for the buffet!) at the Hotel. Outstanding experience, by far the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at.

I actually suggest the $20 tip at all hotels. My friend said it worked at Sahara/Bellagio/Planet Hollywood when he did it and it’s worked for me at Mandalay Bay as well.

I also 2nd what Steve said, the Casino at the Wynn is insane… unless you’re ballin big time. On weekend nights around 6-8pm it’s $100 minimum blackjack tables all around. $25-50 min craps. I saw a $15 blackjack table one time… at like 2pm on a tuesday or something random.

Yeah, I read about the $20 “sandwich” on Fatwallet.com and I’m considering it - but the Venetian/Palazzo suites are already really big/nice already and I’m not sure if they would upgrade me b/c the next step is $$$$… Most people that try it at the Venetian/Palazzo seem to just get a room on a higher floor, which isn’t worth $20 to me…

The toughest thing seems to be finding a good dinner at a decent price. I’m not cool with $500 dinner at Alex… Finding a good meal with wine for $250-300 a couple seems to be no man’s land…