Where are you finding the best Vegas deals??

You have to be specific when you ask for an upgrade. Say you want a larger suite, that’s where people forget.
Also yeah… if you go the tasting menu route… it’s hard to do 250-300 with wine after tax for two people. You can always just order ala carte at places like Guy Savoy ?

The $20 trick actually has a website and you can see the rate of success at each hotel:

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Here’s the original thread on FatWallet: Earn Cash Back at stores you 💜" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

This seems to be quite the deal now - and I’m sure the front desk people at the major hotels aren’t complaining!

half the idiots doing the $20 trick just ask for “an upgrade” or “a better room” without being specific. THe hotel clerks are more than glad to take their money and put them at a higher floor with no stress on their side. what a waste of $20 for a higher floor room when you could just ask politely.

cool. thanks. from what i’ve read, Alex is too pricey for us … but Bouchon for brunch is now a foregone conclusion. :slight_smile:

Highly recommend this place. You build your own burger from a huge selection of meats (including Kobe beef), toppings, buns, etc. One of the best burgers that I have had anywhere, good beer selection, and we have always had pretty good services despite them being consistently packed.

Really? I have stayed at the Wynn on several occasions (including 4th of July weekend) and regularly found $15 -$25 Blackjack. at one point during the week, there were a good number of $10 tables too.

Genius idea about the $20 tip. Last time I was there I just talked to the girl behind the counter about how I got the rate I was paying (she said it was the lowest she had ever seen), and through the conversation just asked if there’s anything more she could do for us. She put us near the top of the building with a Strip view. Not all that exciting, but it goes to show the level of service at the Wynn. Never had one complaint about that place.

yeah no clue what happened when I visited. I couldn’t gamble at the Wynn at all.
And I agree completely about the Wynn, one of the best hotels at the price for quality and service.

It depends on what you consider a “good meal” in Vegas!

There are plenty of restaurants where I could be very content for 3 bills per couple. Stripsteak, Mesa Grill, Bouchon, Craftsteak, RM Seafood, Emeril’s Fish House, etc…

None of these are on par with Robuchon or Alex, but you can generally get a nice meal and a decent bottle of wine for less than $150 per person.

Thanks Kent! Do you have a favorite of the “2nd Tier” restaurants?

I don’t know that I have a favorite. I think Bouchon is a great value for Vegas. If you’ve been to the one in Yountville, it’s pretty much the same experience. Mesa Grill surprised me on the two occasions that I’ve been. My expectations were low each time, and the food was surprisingly above average. Stripsteak might be my favorite new steak house in Vegas, and might be the only one on my list where you could easily push the $300 bubble. But only if you both have foie gras sliders as a starter and kobe main courses!