When sabering Champagne goes wrong at The French Laundry...



Always useful to have an example of how NOT to do it.
I’ll give him 50 points on technique (no one was impaled) and 95 for wow factor.

Wow. Hopefully the guy holding the bottle escaped uncut.

Idiot was using the blade and not the spine to saber. Dangerous to saber indoors also. Wow, they lucked out that nobody was hurt. Looked like he was chopping wood.

Thanks for brightening my day [cheers.gif]

They obviously didn’t check Youtube for directions.

Hopefully the guy’s day job is not mohel.

At FL, I am just going to assume this was some cheap slovinian sparkler.

15L Billecart-Salmon [snort.gif]

Hopefully it was a champagne saber with a blunt edge. Otherwise this is even a bigger disaster than it looks…

I thought sabering had already jumped the shark.

Can you even sabre things 3L or larger? is the manufacturing process the same for the bottles?

I’ve done it with jero’s a couple of times. Never attempted anything larger. Or any other format in about ten years.

Wait, you use the spine not the edge on a saber? I’ve never heard that for an actual saber. If you’re using a butcher knife, sure, but the saber blade is already dull and the reverse curve of the spine would seem problematic. I’ve only used the blade and have always had clean releases.

Nonetheless, how could that waiter/somm ever allow the guy to chop down on a bottle with a blade?!?!? More than one dipshit in that clip. And I assume only one of the two was piss drunk.


Not sure I’d be laughing at the loss of a $2000 bottle of wine, especially how stupidly he went about it.

The guy chopping the bottle is the GM! LOL

It’s FL; $11,500


And then you let the champagne stand and breathe in the bottle for a couple of hours… champagne.gif

Good lord.