When sabering Champagne goes wrong at The French Laundry...

What terrible technique.

I bet when the guy gets into a fight, he looks like someone walking through a hallway with spider webs.

His sword play reminded me of Alec Guiness’ “skill” with a light saber against Darth Vader.

I have to remember NOT to use this video when selling sabers.

I have a story about a guy years ago that may have been worse than this, but it was before social media so no way to film it. When I have time to type it out, I will.

With a blunt champagne saber, you can use either the blade or the spine. As long as it is blunt you are OK.

Curious. Why does it have to be blunt? What does the sharp edge do that’s is detrimental? Never done one so just curious.

You aren’t actually cutting anything - you are striking just below the lip at the intersection of the lip and the side seam to create a small fracture and the interior pressure of the bottle does the rest. A blunt edge accomplishes this beautifully, you can run into problems with a sharp edge slipping up or down and shattering the bottle.

I’ve done it a number of times with the blunt edge of a butcher’s knife, and it’s really easy on a 750 (assuming proper technique). My in-laws received a Sabre for Christmas and asked me to pop a bottle with it… at their holiday party… in front of everybody…

Up to that point I’d had a popped every bottle on the first try with the chefs knife. I actually whiffed on the first try with the Sabre as I’d forgotten to tilt the the blade a bit (and yes I was using the ‘sharp’ edge. Thankfully I got it on the second try, as I was MORTIFIED I’d keep whiffing in front of the entire party.

I have done it before where it takes several strikes, using recommended technique.

Good deal. I did not know that. I have a really big saber I got years ago when Piper-Heidsieck was handing out goodies, and the person who gave it to me said to use the blunt side. But the sharp side certainly is not sharp. So far no accidents here- but I certainly would not even consider doing most of what happened in that video. That was a real train wreck. It did not even look like they prepared the bottle properly.

If you use proper technique, and the bottle is cold enough, you can use just about anything. No real issue with the edge except youll damage the edge and have a higher risk of missing the lip. Hacking down at the cork like that genius was doing is so wrong as to appear purposely wrong.

These incidents are the reason that sabers are dead at retail.

It looks as if the first hit already damaged the bottle. At this point you should definitely stop beating on that thing.

Wait, you guys are saying this isn’t how you do it?

So many ways to fail.

was that cristal?

As Charlie wrote, the guy holding the bottle was at risk. The guy with the saber must have already had a few drinks.

I showed a friend that French Laundry fiasco and she called it “Donkey Punching” a bottle.

Anton, I was thinking of the descriptor “hack”, but the above has inspired a better two word chuckle starting with jack.

And then there was the tale from the 80’s of retailer placing a large format bubbly in the store’s window who learned about their explosive nature after the afternoon sun worked on it, the window was shattered as well. Double jack.

I watched that, and all I could think about was how irresponsible these people were. What that guy was doing with the saber was so dangerous, I would have fired him. The guy holding the bottle could have easily wound up in the ER.