What's the average price of wine in your cellar?

I went to CT and divide the total cost of my wines by the total number of bottles.

I came up with a an average value of about $60/bottle, and an average cost of $50/bottle.

I estimated the median price of a bottle in my cellar at about $40, and the median value at $45. I did this by listing individual bottles, sorting by value (then price) and scrolling down to the middle of the list.

It looks like my cellar has appreciated in value. It also has a higher price average per bottle than I expected.

Next, I’ll add this to the “What is the wine geekiest thing that you do?” thread.

You dont want to know [cheers.gif]

Somehow I ended up with an average value of around $70/bottle. Don’t remember buying that many bottles at or above that price point.

Way too much.

between 75-80 bucks, but there are a number of wines for which I have not entered value (and they are way above my average). [whistle.gif]

Mine averages to a comparatively sane $41 and even that aims high since I typically don’t log in sub-$15 daily drinkers. But, a lot of the CT valuations don’t make sense. For example: according to CT my most valuable bottle is 2009 Beaucastel 750ml which is listed at $266. It lists my 2003 Ridge Lytton Estate Syrah/Grenache at $119.

Unfortunately…reading this post has made me more aware of the average cost of the wines in my cellar…and sadly I have to say I think it’s going to lead to me taking a break from buying wines…damn. Time to stop spending…

$38. I can live with that.

Kirk, there are only two ways to bring that average down: drink the expensive stuff or buy a bunch of cheap stuff!


$47 average value

“My” cellar at home is about $42. I don’t want to talk about Carrie’s private cellar at the store, none of which I will probably get to drink.

Caveat, most of the stuff in my cellar is from the 90’s.

Was surprised. $82

Cost is about what I expected - $51.
Value is $60 but, as mentioned above, some of the values seem strange.

Median cost, using same methodology as OP, is $50. Eyeballing it, the mode seems to be around this number as well.

It would be cool if CT had a histogram report with summary stats.

Value $40.71, cost $39.25

[forgot my penders]

cost $80.50
value $101.77

$53.31…more than I was expecting as I was hoping for an amount closer to $45. This along with storage issues is going to force my wine buying intervention to be successful. [truce.gif] Yeah I know…1st world problems.

Averaging $35.03 per bottle of sweet wine. The high-end $50 - $100 Vintage Ports, Pineaus, Vin Santos and the like are brought back down to earth by reasonably priced $19.95 and less sparklers, Alsace, and German Rieslings.

Everything else falls in between the $30-50 reasonable range including Aussie stickies, Sauternes, TBAs, icewines and muscats.

A somewhat disturbing $77 CT value. Many of the earliest entries don’t have cost figures so not sure how that would break down.

CT average value is 54$ but some values are significantly higher than i paid. My average spend per bottle is probably more around 35$