What YEAH! wine are you drinking?

Figured it might be time to start a dedicated thread for EWCY

Had the 2020 Chendawg II on NYE with omakase in NYC. The day was wild so didnt get around to posting but wanted to start this thread and post ahead of the release

From memory the Chendawg II had the similar notes as the first incarnation of lemonseed oil, citrus fruits, great acidity and minerality along with some herbal notes and an interesting burnt marshmellow note. Lanolin mouthfeel that i love from these wines along with his semillons. I did not take a picture of the break down of the bottle during our tasting but do recall that it is sourced from some seriously old chenin vines in volcanic and loam soils. Great wine and plan to snag a bunch more on the upcoming release :metal:

Cheers to Hardy for continuing to crush it


Hardy’s Chenin might be my favorite of the entire lineup. That burnt marshmellow profile is clearly evident in all bottlings I’ve had over the years. Great juice.


I really love the Local Election Red. Pretty red fruit and so crushable. I served it during the holidays quite a bit.

30% Zinfandel, 22% Grenache, 22% Chenin Blanc, 20% Old Vine Mourvèdre, 6% Chardonnay.


Local election has only gotten better too. Absolutely love it. Master class in blending for sure


Opening a Local Election in the next few days.

Decanting thoughts?


Per Hardy:

Sonoma, Monterey, Contra Costa, Napa Counties

90 Cases Produced
13% ABV

30% Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel, 22% Brosseau Vineyard Grenache, 22% Brosseau Vineyard Chenin Blanc, 20% Del Barba Mourvèdre, 6% Wild Horse Valley Chardonnay

DRINK NOW - 2029

We recommend a 30-45 minute decant.

We’ve moved out a little closer to an hour recently.
Really loving every bottle of it


More curious about what you were doing. Thanks for your added window.


I’ve had Local Election 2x.
First time (on Election Day)- brought it up from cellar 2 hrs before opening, so was closer to room temp when opened. Later, opened the bottle and poured off one glass, let it sit for 30 mins before trying. The longer it breathes, I think the Chenin emerges to provide an interesting roundness and ripe apple/pear to the spicy blend.
2nd time- PNP right out of the cellar and was part of a group of wines so got to keep coming back to it over time. At the start, very bright & tart with a lot of red fruit, cranberry, pomegranate. Needed food to offset the acid. Gained a lot of complexity with air. The white grapes don’t show right away (overpowered by the reds?).

IMO, I liked the wine with a bit of chill, but also with air (which might be a bit contradictory). I’m thinking about decanting this in the cellar next time. I’d give it at least 30 mins of air and wouldn’t worry about giving it 60 minutes.

I’ll add- Don’t finish the bottle before you’re sure you taste the Chenin influence. I’m not the biggest CA Chenin fan, but in this case think it really adds a unique, interesting dimension to the blend once you taste it.


Sounds like my 60 degree house is a good temperature for this wine.


This is nail on the head.


Thanks for all of the notes. The 21’ Local Election is on a beautiful upwards trajectory. For most tastings at the winery, I double-decant about 20-30min before the first tasting and the aromatics are off the charts. Additional time fills out the mid palate a bit and allows that old vine Mourvèdre concentration to wrap around the finish.

@T.Phillips thank you for the preview note on the Chendawg II. I think it is our best Chenin to date- It has that magic mix of elegance and exuberance. As we prepare for its release, it has been our go to wine around the house over the last few weeks.


I’ll just mention here (this is a tease for notes coming later) that Local Election is a lights out, total +2 match with a recipe out of the New York Times for " Rosemary White Beans With Frizzled Onions and Tomato." One of the best wine/food matches I have ever tried.

p.s. Watch the salt in the recipe - IMO it’s too much. Glad I started with a lot less.


YEAH! Remember to disrobe before trying to enter the Extra Dimension.


So enter the next dimension the same way we came into this one?


Decided to try my first bottle of YEAH! tonight. Very impressed. Wasn’t sure what to expect :slight_smile:

  • 2021 Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! Mighty High Red Wine Blend - USA, California (2/11/2023)
    First EWCY wine I have tried. Decanted for about 2 hours before tasting.

    Nose of strawberries, flower blossoms, and ocean spray. Light bodied, nice acidity profile, and a great structure. Palate of strawberries, lemon, flowers, and then before the tannins hit - wild blackberry. Light but aggressive tannins. Finish of dusty minerals, fennel, black pepper, and mixed herbs.

    Wow - this is a really good first impression to EWCY! Really easy to drink, but has a huge breath of flavors with a lot of structure. The light and dark on the palate makes each sip a pleasure. But the finish leans a bit too bitter without food for my taste. (91 points)

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Didn’t take detailed notes.
Day 1: kinda like an awkward teenager that doesn’t know exactly what they want in life
Day 2: everything is coming together, but still not fully there.
Day 3: something clicked in the wine and was firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately only had one glass remaining.

Hold at least 2-3 years or decant for a very long time



Thanks so much! So psyched you enjoyed the Mighty High!

Thanks for breaking out a Yeah! Camp #1. We usually 2-3 hour decant this or approach the 2nd day. Once it clicks, it is :rocket: I think you can lay this one down for a long time.


Had a Chendawg II a couple days ago. I swear these bottles must leak or something. I can’t remember ever finishing a bottle that fast!

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Ha! Thank you.

There is something about the Chendawg II which makes it feel like it should be devoured.

  • 2021 Extradimensional Wine Co. Yeah! Grenache Brosseau Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Chalone (2/24/2023)
    pretty fresh (one week) off the truck. 8% Syrah and 4% Chenin Blanc in addition to the Grenache. Fresh, light, loads of strawberry and watermelon, acid hit. Best served cool, almost refreshing in a way. Love

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