What wines are you drinking for the Super Bowl

It’s a rather special game that does not involve the Packers.

Stuff during the game, but Dom when Brady takes another ring!

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Probably a 2018 Keplinger Lithic and 2019 Realm Fidelio.

My kids are pumped for the game too. If the Chiefs win, no school on Monday.

Go Chiefs!!
Run it back baby!

I never once have associated wine with the SB. Surprising to see so many people with pretty serious wine plans. To each his own. It’s cocktails and beer for me with finger foods.


Purposefully listening to Miles Davis and avoiding the television like Covid. Smoked ribs, Beef brisket, and beer…probably German Kolsche. Then Chocolate Cream pie from Hoosier Mama and 50 year-old Calvados. Tom who? Mahomes? Even during Covid lockdown, the commercialism of a “super bowl” is getting more and more deplorable. Just got rid of one egotistical ass…we certainly don’t need another.

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Cooking rack of lamb and a rack of slow cooked baby back ribs so of course it will be Merry Edwards SB which goes with everything and my friend that is hosting only drinks white wine


Today I double decanted and recorked two 2014 Albans, a Pandora and a Seymour’s. Psyching myself up to push the Buy button tomorrow on the webpage for the Spring Offering. Drank a ‘14 Lorraine’s tonight with dinner to set tomorrow’s table. I’m primed, that was a tasty bottle; deep, dark, and dense.

Oh ! There’s a football game ? Hmmm…don’t distract me.

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2021 Miller Lite.

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We will likely take a break from wine today, and have Manhattans.

2013 Spring Valley Vineyard Frederick

2005 Brane-Cantenac. A third of the bottle leftover from last nite.


With my college friends for the last 25ish years, we make it a whole weekend affair at someone’s house. This year, by Zoom.

Friday night was 2017 Monier Perreol St Joseph Terre Blanche. Last night, 2017 Francois Cotat Culs de Beaujeu. Today, I need to go grab some beer (now).

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Doubleback, Drew Bledsoe (former NFL Quarterback)'s winery, always seemed like a good option to me.

2004 J Rochioli River Block PN
2005 Chateau De Fargues

I want to know what everyone is drinking for Puppy Bowl too

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+1 beer or whiskey for me

Dog Point pinot noir!

Haut Batailly 1982. It has been sitting patiently, now it’s time.

I changed my mind.

2012 Chateau D’armailhac

1st time trying.
In the decanter at 3:20

Really looking forward to this.