What wines are you drinking for the Super Bowl

What is everyone drinking for the Super Bowl?

With the spicy foods, dips and junk our family has planned, I cant think of a better wine than Carlisle. So going for 2011 Carlisle Zinfandel and 2008 Syrah from Rosella’s Vineyard.

Might crack some bubbly too-Agrapart Les 7 Crus.

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2013 Carlisle Pagani Ranch Zin

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What is this “Super Bowl” you speak of?

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Cristal, D’yquem and maybe chateau canon

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No wines, Pisco Sours and Margaritas to go with chili off.

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New Red Wine Glass neener

Not wine, but I’ll ikely be drinking some (likely most) of the cider I’ve grabbed from Sun Break Wines during BD

Starting off with some NV Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, followed by a 1975 BV Latour. Will be my first time trying a birth year wine.

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Uncertain at this point, I’m having a hard time finding the Raymond James Stadium wine list champagne.gif


cigar city maduro


From what I have been able to determine from keen observation and deduction it is some sort of religious festival where the devotees are forbidden to go out to stores. An excellent time for grocery shopping.

2000 CdV and 2015 Milliere.


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Yes, the religious element is clear, as the adherents are even forced to watch the commercials.

But in answer to the OP, I will be drinking Riesling and/or bubbly, as we are having ham as the focus of an actual meal, rather than a random assortment of snack foods.

It is where you get a vaccination.

Love the choice

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Going to christen an ‘18 DiCostanzo.


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