What to buy NOW to drink 2030 onwards

I have stopped drinking due to health reasons and plan to restart in 2030 … so the request

This inquiry is so vague.

I like both reds (Bordeaux Rhône Burgundy) and whites (Burgundy Pessac German riesling)

Petite sirah?

For me, prune juice.

Not knowing what you like, would recommend the usuals…Bordeaux, Burgundy, Riesling, Barolo…

In an IV bag

I was more keen for feedback on wines and years :slight_smile:

Amit, tell us the types of wines you like and you’ll probably get more responses.

Love the power of positive thinking here!

I have a vision of prisoner Xing out his calendar each day.

No idea of your budget, but I would celebrate 2030 with some Donnhoff
Hermannhole GG from 2015 or 2016 and some H. Lignier Morey St. Denis VV 1er Cru from same years. Oh yes, and 165eme Krug Champagne to kick off the party …

But that’s just me …

A case of each.

Since some of you obviously missed this:

Amit, how about a price range?

Not to pry, but why is it going to be OK to drink it 11 years rather than 9 or 13?

And as others said, it’s a meaningless question if nobody knows what you like, and even more so if YOU don’t know what you like with age. It might be best to stay away from everything and at that 2020 mark, just go out and try things. If you invest your money now, you may be able to pick up some older vintages then for not more than you’d pay today and have to store.

If it’s not guaranteed you can drink in 2030 I would buy nothing. Put the money in some index funds and then use that money to backfill in 2030.

Most Cru Barolo from 2013 vintage
Most Brunello wines from 2013 vintage, especially from traditional producers.
Franz Hirtzberger wines from just about any vintage you can find right now

literally any of those from a decent producer should fit the bill.

are you looking for specific names?

2015 Lagrange (St. Julien). One of my favorites from 2015 tastings and a proven ager. If you like more age on your wines, then buy 2005, 2009, or 2010.


You’re going to cellar something for another 11 years, if you can’t drink it (or anything) and deal with all the aggravation like temperature maint, ‘shrinkage’, constraints on moving etc. ?

That doesn’t seem sensible.

If you need some wine to drink in 2030, I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you need. Perhaps by then flying, self driving drones will deliver it to you after you order it by a brainwave app too!

With a Riedel designed taste app that will let you taste the most specific flavors of the grape variety. We will only be drinking monovarietal wines by then, all cloned from the best grapevine of its type.

I would stick with high end red burgundy and maybe top level Riesling.

Back vintages of Bordeaux are easy to find, White burgs are risky due to premox, and I don’t think Rhone reds need that much age.