What SQN did you drink today?

My brother was in town visiting, so an opportunity to try some SQN and SQN-related wines:
We tasted at Antica Terrra, where they poured for us the 2018 The Glories - simply stunning, but I couldn’t stomach the $170 price tag, so the next day I opened…
2020 Andremily White - WhooHoo - I figured this would likely have a similar profile at half the cost, and I was correct. Outstanding, complex, viscous, loved loved loved this wine.
Then over a bithday dinner, we drank 2015 Sine Qua Non, Entre Chien Et Loup, again, outstanding in every respect and a great pairing with Miso marinated Sea Bass with burre blanc.
Finally, 2013 Andremily Syrah #2 - my first opportunity to try and Andremily with a little age - good sign, this thing is still a baby, but so good.


Since my last post we’ve had:

2020 Distenta II Grenache
2013 “Female” Grenache (including a corked bottle)
2018 Profuga Grenache
2018 NoK
2018 Aperta White
2014 Shakti Grenache
2013 Jusqu’à l’os Grenache
2019 Eleven Confessions Syrah
2013 Le Supplément Syrah

The corked wine was an odd one. It was only barely (but noticeably) tainted. I believe SQN went to individually-tested corks back in 2010 or so, but this was one that slipped through. We opened another bottle to verify and it was, indeed, TCA.

All that said, what stands out the most is how much all of these wines are built to last. I’ve had the Le Supplément a couple of times in the last few months and it is still VERY young.

I recommend the ‘11s and the’17s if you want to drink younger wines, otherwise I’d suggest going pre-2009

Found a couple bottles of Inaugural Syrah I didnt know I had. Now what to do with them?

Been thinking about opening a 17th Nail soon too.

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Uh–drink them?


That’s a good find. I’d like to find some extra 17th Nails, too.

kris if you ever get over to walla walla we should open some bottles. i’ll be there full-time in the fall, hopefully.

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We had a few on Thursday . . . '97 Salon, '08 Pol Roger Churchill, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN, SQN

The older the better, especially the syrah.


Not a long drive from Boise, and I go back to Tri-Cities to see family. Will find a night to do an overnight there. Same if you make it to Idaho.

Do they allow liberal New York Jewish lawyers to get out of Idaho alive? I asked a friend of mine from Memphis that question when he invited me to a wild board hunt across the Mississippi River in Arkansas. His response was, “Think Deliverance.” :cheers:

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Haven’t seen anything untowards in 2 years here having moved from Seattle. Can’t vouch for Northern Idaho, but no reason to go there.

Come on down…or over.

Had 2011 NoK from mag, and 2014 Shakti Grenache last night. Both were excellent.

The night before we had a Deux Grenouilles (2016 white wine). It was singing. The SQN whites continue to be banging around 7-years old, every single vintage.

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone wanting to try a couple of SQNs for the first time? Looking on the secondary market I’m just a bit overwhelmed with how many labels they seem to produce.

I currently have a 2020 Distenta II and a 2017 The Third Twin (which I think is a secondary label)

Any more I should pick up or not miss? Drinking windows generally?

If you wanna go aged, I can recommend Into the Dark, which I had recently and is drinking spectacularly right now. Third Twin isn’t a second label. Drinking windows? 10+ vintage - ?? (I haven’t found a dead one yet)


Had a few over the past couple of weeks just to check in…

2018 Profuga Grenache
2014 Shakti Grenache
2019 Distenta I Grenache
2019 Distenta I Syrah
2020 Distenta II Syrah

…and 2020 Distenta II Grenache.


Were those 19s and 20’s ready to go? I only have singles so a little risk averse

They were good but will be much better when the Syrah hits 8 years from vintage and Grenache hits 10.

If I only had a singleton of each I’d hold. They still allocate me 9 - 12 of each, so no harm in checking on one.


The Hated Hunter (2017 Syrah). This has always been very approachable for me, even on arrival, but it’s really singing at 6 years.

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Thanks and wow on that allocation!

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2017 Sine Qua Non Tectumque
Crazy dark yellow color. So many textures and flavors going on but manages to remain balanced and pull it off. Some waxiness while maintaining medium levels of acidity and brightness, a bit of oak but nothing hiding the fruit and only slight alcohol heat. This is some mad scientist stuff. Really looking forward to finishing the bottle this afternoon.


Drank a couple bottles of 2020 Distenta II White yesterday for wife’s birthday. Going to have to hide the last 3 or 4 bottles or they will be gone by end of summer.

Flat out delicious.


You got that right!