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After warning Bran Kane, The Good Jay Miller and a few others to stay at least a block away from the restaurant on Thursday because the fire marshal told me that he would be too busy to deal with human immolation, assorted Real Wine lovers assembled from as far away as Raleigh, NC for a night to remember to clean out some excess SQN from storage. After a 97 Salon and an 08 PR Churchill to warm things up, we launched into a cellar SQN clean up with three whites, two roses and 13 reds. I will post a better list in the morning, but for now, I very much liked 17 out of 18, with a slight negative back palate bitterness only on the Entre Chien et Loup white, which I brought and bought on release, so I think it was just an embarrassment of riches since I liked the previous one that I opened.

The Gallanita Rose was OFF THE CHARTS fantastic for a Rose. I enjoyed a few of the older reds a bit better, but as Roses go, it got to the ne plus ultra level.

If people are up for it, we will do it again soon - wine with flavor and a theme. I am considering either NOK, SQN spin offs or maybe “The Wines of TRB” as themes for next time. I have some '09 Schrader that is just coming into form.


Sorry about your luck.

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Nice Jay, look forward to wines and notes!



Thanks Jay. The world is a better place today with fewer bottles of SQN in it. Thanks to your continuing contributions to the world.


Sorry I missed this. I had an early morning presentation to the board and felt that a bunch of SQN and that would not go well. Next time.

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Sorry we missed you. I felt surprisingly sober for reasons I do not understand, but how I felt and how I was are two different things.


One of these days we will have to have a bona fide blind tasting AT WHICH WE CONTROL FOR AGE OF WINE and I will show you what you are missing. Does a 2020 SQN EBA Syrah beat a 2005 Chave Hermitage? No. But I will put up a 2020 SQN against a 2020 Chave and we can have some fun.


I should mention that when a world famous wine writer and taster who you would respect tasted a 1997 Pahlmeyer Merlot against a 1997 Petrus blind for me, he chose the Pahlmeyer!


I’ve seen too many fraudulent tastings of well aged French wines paired with younger California wines.

Keep 'em honest Jay!

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I am not a big Rhone fan either.


I was there to witness the Petrus/Pahlmeyer showdown. In fact it was my bottle. I do have some EBA with age starting from 2006 to put up.