What SQN did you drink today?

I have not had anything to drink for 6 weeks for medical reasons not involving alcohol, and I have been cleared to reenter the fray, although I am not supposed to dive in head first. However, to celebrate a great weekend for University of Michigan sports (two basketball sweet sixteens and a #1 seed in the Frozen Four regionals), it’s time to open more of the good stuff. I think I will go with a 2019 Sine Qua Non Distenta I white blend with seafood and mushrooms in a white wine and garlic or light pink sauce tomorrow.

This thread is for people who actually drink the stuff. Flippers can discuss secondary market pricing and investment issues in their own thread. Here is a photo I took a couple of years ago of my empty bottle collection as proof that I like to drink it. The empty bottle collection has grown since the photo was taken.
SQN Bottles small.jpg


Had the Distenta Grenache a month or so ago and it was beautiful, one of the better young SQNs I’ve had.


I enjoyed the Five Shooter Grenache (2010) recently and it was amazing!

I sold half to afford the other half, but have a bunch that I will drink through. Would suggest a different unit of time for these tho. Maybe “this month” over “today” :slight_smile:

U of M Law School class of 1984 here. I had a 2007 Labels Syrah and a JFTLOI at a dinner a few weeks ago ago. The JFTLOI was a little tired but the Labels was in a near perfect place. A week ago for my birthday I had a 2011 Dark Blossom Syrah. It was delicious and has consistently been so over a half dozen bottles despite coming from my least favorite vintage of the last twenty years (I know that it was a better vintage in the Central Coast than the North Coast at least for me).

Rocked a The Hoodoo Man a couple weeks back and it was sensational. Stone fruits on top of stone fruits packed with some serious punch. Very distinct imho and glad to have found at a local shop in great condition. Love the whites!

2002 Heart Chorea Syrah. That wine is simply off the cHarts great.

When you say the JFTLOI was “tired” can you describe the wine a bit more? Lacking acidity, alcohol was too prominent, lack of tannic structure?

Just curious…if that’s the case. These wines don’t have the life Length I was hoping.

Not a bad plan!

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The only empty I’ve kept from SQN is the …and An 8-Track Rose. I hated that wine, but the “price” was right.


Also, I have had Distenta I Grenache in my hand twice in the last three days. I suspect it is getting opened soon.


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Had a 16 Ratsel last night which was good, but way way too young.

I drink the stuff as well!

Although…I need to get to work on some of these!



Holy smokes Mr. Buzzini. That is impressive!!!

and that’s just buzz’s house cellar. you should see what he has in the other storage.

Man, that’s awesome Buzz! Any clear standouts from all the bottles you’ve popped??

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I thought that the 2019 Distenta I white wasn’t scheduled to ship until October, along with the 2018 Eleven Confession estate bottles?

Jay - Welcome back. Best wishes for your continued recovery.

I like the way you have the SQN empties on the velvet-laced credenza - giving it as much importance and respect as you do to the urn containing grandpa’s ashes on the other sideboard.

Very happy to hear your are cleared for takeoff (NOT a jet fuel joke), but sorry you were unwell.

Honestly we have a bunch of bottles, both reg and EBA, that I really should send to auction. We just don’t drink them any more.