What’s the priciest wine you’ve paired with a cheap food?

I’ve done champagne quite a few times with Popeyes fried chicken sandwich and had a blast. Do you have any odd pairings? Like do you secretly drink port with a small bowl of cereal?

I’m thinking my next high/low mix might be sake and burgers.

1999 Ridge Monte Bello with moderately shitty Chinese takeout during COVID times. Delicious plus, maybe even epiphany level for us wrt Ridge.

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2003 Giaccosa Barolo 1.5L with Taco Truck Burritos.

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I don’t think many would think this unorthodox, but Dom goes strikingly well with plain Lays potato chips. You can upgrade to artisan kettle cooked, if you’re feeling fancy.

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Haha great to know. I have a bunch that I’ve yet to open!

1973 Dom and 1988 Krug Collection with fried chicken on our anniversary 2 years ago. Mind you, it was world class fried chicken, but altogether pretty cheap.

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Cheap food or junk food? There’s lots of fairly inexpensive meats and cheeses that go well with DRC Monty, but I don’t think that’s the point of this thread.

Shafer Hillside Select with $1 box of Kraft mac & cheese. Delicious all around.

Yeah. We have champagne with popcorn pretty regularly, but it doesn’t seem like that ought to count.

I do recall drinking a 1982 Malescot-Exupery (Margaux) from paper cups with cheap takeout pizza while I was helping a friend move.

I love a powerful, young Napa Cab with burgers…


I remember drinking 1997 La Tache with taco truck(basic stuff) food. Not a good pairing.

lol shitty Chinese food is the best when it’s what you crave. Sounds like an awesome pairing.

I mean I wouldn’t mind a riesling with a bologna sandwich haha. There are not rules! I buy the cured meat packs from Trader Joe’s they are the same as other stores for at least $1 less… not private label same brand.

OHhh I have mac and cheese I need to eat. I might buy this wine just to try it!

Chateau Latour with Karl’s Jr Superstar.

My wife prefers this match or with a Lynch Bages - eaten along the NorCal coast.

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Well, hey, on the plus side, you can remember it! [cheers.gif] [cheers.gif]

We have a 2014 in my store and I’m just not tempted by it. The 2015 is available to bring in… Or do you think it doesn’t matter and Latour is Latour and it’ll be awesome either way.

Champagne goes great with popcorn, so potato chips are not a shock.

When I worked in retail we were down the street fromClown Alley, a great place for cheeseburgers then. So on Saturdays we would chow down on Burgers and old Burgundies.

So BK stands for Burgundy King? lol