What Releases Can I Expect in January?

I remember that Dirty and Rowdy, Turley, and Once and Future, as well as Berserker Day, are around the bend. :astonished:

What other wineries are offering new stuff this month?

Isn’t Carlisle in Jan?

Halcon is usually in January

SQN is in January.

Carlisle is January 18th.

Kutch tomorrow - 1/10

Rivers Marie-Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Sojourn Cellars - January 17


Horsepower today

The WineRelease website shows that the Carlisle release is in April…

I don’t doubt that you are correct. I just hope that you aren’t. :neutral_face:

Direct form carlislewinery.com: “The next pre-release offer will be January 18th for our spring wines featuring the first of our 2015s plus two late released 2014s.”

I believe Outpost cabs are released in January.

You really need to ask? You are not providing a service to those swearing off purchases for the year! [swearing.gif]

I would encourage those who are not buying any wine for the time being to make an effort to avoid any wine-themed forums until he or she cultivates a stronger sense of willpower. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness, I am strapped for cash so I can sympathize. I still want to be aware of any releases that might outweigh my need for things like food, shelter, etc. :wink:

You are correct. :neutral_face:

Mr Officer emailed me to clarify that the pre-release is January.

From looking at January last year I also see:

Quivet (Syrahs)

Carlisle and BD Day… OUCH!

Does Berserkerday count?

Prerelease coming out late Thursday (1/12). Includes 2015 Alturas plus 2015 Oppenlander and Wentzel Pinots.